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Do My Friend a Favor

One of my friends is making preparations for her term paper. It needs a survey about the media and street children at the beginning. This survey will help her to know the opinion of people all over the world. It’s very helpful to her paper.

If you are free, please fill it and send it to my friend’s E-mail

Thank you for taking the time.                                                                                    —————————————–

The Survey

  1. Your age.

  2. Where are you from?

  3. What do you know about street children?

  4. In your opinion, how many street children are in your country?

  5. How the media represent street children in your country?

  6. What is the society’s attitude about street children in your country?

  7. How do you think, does the way the media portray street children has a profound impact on society’s attitude to street children?

  8. What is your opinion about street children?

  9. Has the media influenced (formed) your attitude about street children? If yes, than how?

  10. Do the media violate children’s rights? Are street children always recognized as citizens with such rights?

  11. How the media can improve the representation of street children’s issues?

  12. Do you trust the information presented by the media? Why yes (no)?

  13. In your opinion, do the media reflect or create the reality?

  14. Do you agree that the media use stereotypes and form unbalanced impression of street children as victims, or criminals? Why yes (no)?

  15. Should the media provide children with opportunity to speak for themselves? Why?

Thank you again.


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