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After several days of waiting, I finally come to the day of graduation. It means the ending of my master study. I won’t be a student anymore. Though I haven’t find a job.

Now I have cleaned up the dormitory and will take all the baggage home. Maybe I won’t get back to this place again. I have to say Goodbye to the two years I spent here.

It has been raining heavily the whole day. And the temperature is too high. The sweat and rainwater make my clothes wet. It’s not comfortable.

Luckily, it won’t take too long to go home. I will be home in three hours. And then, a new chapter of my life will get started.

Thank you, everyone. Best wishes for all of us!



About to Graduate

After one month, I will graduate from the university. Once getting the diploma, I will have to leave the campus and start a new journey. Though I still don’t know which way the journey will be going on.

Till now, I don’t have any offer for a job. I’m struggling for few opportunities in the last month. Maybe I would get a job before graduation. Maybe or not. That’s beyond my determination.

The day is getting hot and I become upset. Sometimes, I asked myself that the decision I made two years ago was right or not. If I continued working in the bank, what position would I get today? Are the two studying years worth? Could a master diploma take more to my life? Or it’s just a certificate. Maybe I made a mistake. Because one can’t easily get a job only with the help of a master degree. The competition is more and more fierce, while positions are decreasing. I demanded too much.

During the rest months of this year I will take other examinations and try my best to get a nice job in first-tier cities. Salaries and social status are both my concern. I like urban life style.

Suddenly, I’m getting feared of graduation.

Graduation is not always exciting. It doesn’t mean a perfect ending, but a new starting line.

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Core Content of China’s MBA Education

Like other people who come from business or want to get development at business, we are studying an MBA program. But what the MBA program should be? Or is China’s MBA education the same as western developed countries’?

I know many MBA students just want to get a master degree. In China, the certificate is the most important thing. People care a lot about it, including the employers and employees. And the universities care about how much you pay.

But when we do something, we should figure out its real meaning. We should make it clear that why we learn MBA and what we will get from MBA learning. Obviously, few Chinese think about it. They just care about its result and function.

It’s bad news, right?

Till now, I have been there with my MBA studies for two months. The reality seems far away from what I thought MBA should be before coming here. It’s impossible that we all come to America and European countries for MBA learning. So, China have to do some changes and reforms.

We all know there are really gaps between Chinese education and western countries’. And the MBA program was imported in the end of 20th century. China got it directly from the western. The gap should be little.

We have been learning and copying others’ pattern. Unfortunately, we don’t do it well. Everything changes when Chinese characteristics are added to. And it gets worse.

There is only one thing that is the same between China and America’s MBA education. And it’s the high tuition. Except it, I can’t find any other common points. We are learning, but we don’t learn it well. That’s the problem.

Now I’m worried what I will get when I get the master degree. I’m worried about my competence. I’m afraid I can’t learn enough knowledge as I need. I expect the tuition is worth paying. But the fact tells me, maybe I will be disappointed.

In terms of accounting, the opportunity cost is too high. You lost your job and you came to a new city for studying. You should get what you deserve.

That’s the China’s MBA education should give it to you.

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The Ten Day MBA

A professor recommended us to read this book, The Ten Day MBA. It’s considered to be a very good guide for fresh MBAs.

I’m considering about reading it.

It’s expensive and there’s no inventory on the Internet bookstore. What about an electronic copy?

And tonight, I had a dinner with a friend. Our conversation made me feel that the key importance of money in our life.

Of course, the word of MBA is always connected to money.