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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

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Try the New Editing Function

First of all, I just got a little discovery seconds ago. I opened the WordPress APP without any help of VPN.  Unbelievable! Is the WordPress website able to be visited directly and free in China? I plan to try it several times during the following days. 

It’s in midsummer.  I don’t konw how to go through these ugly days. The air temperatures are both high indoors and outdoors, in the daytime and at night. Luckily, we have the air-conditioner. 

I still like the combination of MSN and Space. They let us not only write, but also talk. Now posting on WordPress is like writing articles alone.  I don’t like it. 


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First Entry in This New Year

The new year of 2013 comes. It’s my last year of the master degree study. I’ll still be here of almost six month. Then I’ll graduate and work for one employer that is unknown at present. I’m struggling for the employer.

Before leaving the university, I want to get three things done. They are, being a Party member, getting the master degree and finding a good position to work in. Last December, I became a probationary Party member successfully. And I’ve begun to write my thesis. Graduation on time is not difficult. Now the only problem I worry about is the offer.

I have to get the offer before June. I’m not selecting the offer, but looking for an offer. It makes me nervous. I don’t know what to do during the coming winter holidays. I’m sure I won’t be happy though it’s the holiday.

Some people say I ask for too much about the salaries. Maybe they are right. I’m not excellent enough. I shouldn’t care a lot about the position level. Positions are limited. Neither are graduates. I must be clear about that. Then I need to take every chance as possible as I can. I could have a job.

Which day will I get the notice of an offer?

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Where Is My Internship

The summer holidays began from the end of last month. But I didn’t go home or travel to some places. I chose to stay at the university for seeking an intern position.

It’s very hot at the moment in this city. You know it’s difficult to make such a decision. Every day I wear a suit and go out to a company. Every night I sit on a hard chair and stay up for the whole night. Because it’s too hot to fall asleep. We don’t have any air-conditioning devices but a small fan. Usually, it’s not very useful.

So, I’m waiting for a dream.

Till now, there’s no evidence that the offer is coming. I don’t even have an interview. E-mail letters were sent, but haven’t been replied to. I’m nearly exhausted.

I don’t want high salaries. I don’t want a high level position. I just need a chance to get the feeling of working in the office back. I’m not greedy. I can do things as well as your formal employees. But why don’t you give a chance?

I can’t wait a long time any more. Next week, when the hottest days come, I will give up if no admission comes.

I’d better go home and enjoy cool nights.

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Missing Days

I wrote one entry two months ago. But till today, I published it successfully. Because of the network problem, I couldn’t connect to the WordPress normally. The Wall stopped me.

So, from that time, I didn’t wrote any entry. I didn’t want to write entries and only keep it private. It would be wasting time. Then, as all the readers could see, my website got no update.

Today, just having a try, I downloaded a famous client. It’s just one of the clients which can help people climb the Wall. I had several of them before. But from last December, they didn’t work. Then I had no choice but to browse WordPress pages with the help of online proxy service. And that service was limited. You couldn’t post entries or manage your site there. It disappointed me so much. I had to find a really useful client.

Minutes ago, I found it. I’m happy that it really works very well. With its tunnel, browsing pages is fast and the connection between Windows Live Writer and WordPress is clear. Updates on my page will be much more.

I’m still looking for a website which is famous globally and can be used in China. Visitors who know something, please tell me.

Through this interruption, I know the importance of writing English frequently again. It must be daily work.

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Boring Holiday Hours

Last week, I took all the examinations. Thank goodness. The transport during the Spring Festival period didn’t begin at that time. So I booked a ticket from the website earlier and left the university as soon as possible. I was lucky because the trip was very smooth. Everybody knows there’re more and more passengers at the stations and in the trains when the lunar festival comes closer. People try to go home earlier for fear of trains. It’s not travelling. For passengers, it would be suffering.

Now that I got a comfortable trip, the holiday must be exciting, right? The answer is no. I have no activities. Friends and classmates have to work in the daytime. And in the evening, people are willing to stay at home. Restaurants, KTV clubs, bars and hotels, these places where we usually go, seem far away from us. Without invitations, I didn’t go out. My life becomes quietly.

Now I spend all the hours at home sleeping and surfing on the Internet. I go to sleep at dawn and get up in the afternoon. I have turned the time upside down. Time is not the limit any more. I can choose any time to do any thing.

But I expect more about the night life. I need to get some loose.

I like wine. I like barbecue.

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Foreign Festivals in China

We don’t believe in God, but we have Christmas Day. We don’t make things with pumpkins, but we have a Halloween party. We are not foreigners, but we have foreign festivals. That’s what we do in China.

Why Chinese people do these after the Reform and Opening-up? Do we forget who we originally are?

Some people consider it as culture invasion. They become worried that we will lose our original things. They are anxious.

What’s your opinion?

I don’t think so.

China is a strong country and has a large population. It’s very difficult to change the nation. Even the war can’t make it. So don’t worry.

People do the celebration for fun, while merchants do it for business. People don’t do it honestly. On the opposite, they do it on purpose. All they want is just a tool. They won’t be killed according to celebrating foreign festivals.

Don’t be surprised when you see lots of people crowed in the street on the Christmas Eve. Don’t ask a question like, “Why don’t they go home and stay with the family”. It hasn’t been what it should be when Christmas came to China.

Festivals are just festivals.

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NBA Is Back

After months’ complications, the NBA comes back finally. Those superstars choose to get back to the floor and play the ball again.

It’s good news. Not only for the players, but also for we basketball fans. We can enjoy wonderful games again.

All the time, I know the NBA league wouldn’t stop.

At the end, there’s one question I would like to ask. Without Yao, how many Chinese will watch NBA games?