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First Entry in This New Year

The new year of 2013 comes. It’s my last year of the master degree study. I’ll still be here of almost six month. Then I’ll graduate and work for one employer that is unknown at present. I’m struggling for the employer.

Before leaving the university, I want to get three things done. They are, being a Party member, getting the master degree and finding a good position to work in. Last December, I became a probationary Party member successfully. And I’ve begun to write my thesis. Graduation on time is not difficult. Now the only problem I worry about is the offer.

I have to get the offer before June. I’m not selecting the offer, but looking for an offer. It makes me nervous. I don’t know what to do during the coming winter holidays. I’m sure I won’t be happy though it’s the holiday.

Some people say I ask for too much about the salaries. Maybe they are right. I’m not excellent enough. I shouldn’t care a lot about the position level. Positions are limited. Neither are graduates. I must be clear about that. Then I need to take every chance as possible as I can. I could have a job.

Which day will I get the notice of an offer?