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Where Is My Internship

The summer holidays began from the end of last month. But I didn’t go home or travel to some places. I chose to stay at the university for seeking an intern position.

It’s very hot at the moment in this city. You know it’s difficult to make such a decision. Every day I wear a suit and go out to a company. Every night I sit on a hard chair and stay up for the whole night. Because it’s too hot to fall asleep. We don’t have any air-conditioning devices but a small fan. Usually, it’s not very useful.

So, I’m waiting for a dream.

Till now, there’s no evidence that the offer is coming. I don’t even have an interview. E-mail letters were sent, but haven’t been replied to. I’m nearly exhausted.

I don’t want high salaries. I don’t want a high level position. I just need a chance to get the feeling of working in the office back. I’m not greedy. I can do things as well as your formal employees. But why don’t you give a chance?

I can’t wait a long time any more. Next week, when the hottest days come, I will give up if no admission comes.

I’d better go home and enjoy cool nights.