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Never Talk about Politics

Last month, China’s authorities arrested six men who talked about current affairs on the Internet. According to the official notice, they spread rumors on the microblog sites. It’s against the law and harms national security. So they will be proceeded against by the nation and may go to jail. Meanwhile, the government ordered the two top microblog sites suspended the comment function for three days.

We don’t know how they will be punished. But we can make sure of one thing. This action tells us again that never try to talk about politics. Concerning national affairs, we should maintain a high degree of unity with the Party. We can’t laugh at politics.

If you live here, you should live far away from the politics. That’s not your business. It’s out of your control. Cherish your freedom if you don’t want to lose freedom. Your freedom is not your own freedom. It’s presented by the government. And the government can take the freedom back at any time.

So please be submissive.

Life and work are what you should pay attention to. Democracy and nomocracy are unpractical somehow.