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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

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Missing Days

I wrote one entry two months ago. But till today, I published it successfully. Because of the network problem, I couldn’t connect to the WordPress normally. The Wall stopped me.

So, from that time, I didn’t wrote any entry. I didn’t want to write entries and only keep it private. It would be wasting time. Then, as all the readers could see, my website got no update.

Today, just having a try, I downloaded a famous client. It’s just one of the clients which can help people climb the Wall. I had several of them before. But from last December, they didn’t work. Then I had no choice but to browse WordPress pages with the help of online proxy service. And that service was limited. You couldn’t post entries or manage your site there. It disappointed me so much. I had to find a really useful client.

Minutes ago, I found it. I’m happy that it really works very well. With its tunnel, browsing pages is fast and the connection between Windows Live Writer and WordPress is clear. Updates on my page will be much more.

I’m still looking for a website which is famous globally and can be used in China. Visitors who know something, please tell me.

Through this interruption, I know the importance of writing English frequently again. It must be daily work.