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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

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Boring Holiday Hours

Last week, I took all the examinations. Thank goodness. The transport during the Spring Festival period didn’t begin at that time. So I booked a ticket from the website earlier and left the university as soon as possible. I was lucky because the trip was very smooth. Everybody knows there’re more and more passengers at the stations and in the trains when the lunar festival comes closer. People try to go home earlier for fear of trains. It’s not travelling. For passengers, it would be suffering.

Now that I got a comfortable trip, the holiday must be exciting, right? The answer is no. I have no activities. Friends and classmates have to work in the daytime. And in the evening, people are willing to stay at home. Restaurants, KTV clubs, bars and hotels, these places where we usually go, seem far away from us. Without invitations, I didn’t go out. My life becomes quietly.

Now I spend all the hours at home sleeping and surfing on the Internet. I go to sleep at dawn and get up in the afternoon. I have turned the time upside down. Time is not the limit any more. I can choose any time to do any thing.

But I expect more about the night life. I need to get some loose.

I like wine. I like barbecue.