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Foreign Festivals in China

We don’t believe in God, but we have Christmas Day. We don’t make things with pumpkins, but we have a Halloween party. We are not foreigners, but we have foreign festivals. That’s what we do in China.

Why Chinese people do these after the Reform and Opening-up? Do we forget who we originally are?

Some people consider it as culture invasion. They become worried that we will lose our original things. They are anxious.

What’s your opinion?

I don’t think so.

China is a strong country and has a large population. It’s very difficult to change the nation. Even the war can’t make it. So don’t worry.

People do the celebration for fun, while merchants do it for business. People don’t do it honestly. On the opposite, they do it on purpose. All they want is just a tool. They won’t be killed according to celebrating foreign festivals.

Don’t be surprised when you see lots of people crowed in the street on the Christmas Eve. Don’t ask a question like, “Why don’t they go home and stay with the family”. It hasn’t been what it should be when Christmas came to China.

Festivals are just festivals.


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NBA Is Back

After months’ complications, the NBA comes back finally. Those superstars choose to get back to the floor and play the ball again.

It’s good news. Not only for the players, but also for we basketball fans. We can enjoy wonderful games again.

All the time, I know the NBA league wouldn’t stop.

At the end, there’s one question I would like to ask. Without Yao, how many Chinese will watch NBA games?


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Kissing in the Cold Air

It’s very cold outside. But boys can stand it. They are still kissing their girlfriends in front of girls’ apartment in the evening. They want to stay with girls for more time before girls go back to the apartment.

Students can’t enter the dormitory building of the opposite sex. The building gate is the last chance. They have to finish everything before the chance passes away.

The wind is blowing. And the temperature is low. But they don’t care. They are hot in the deep body. Nothing is more exciting than having a beauty in the arms. What’s more, you can touch her and kiss her. Why not do it? It’s safe and free!

So when you see two kiss on the campus, don’t be curious. It’s nothing. And what’s your opinion?

In the open air or in a hotel room, which one do you prefer to?

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Cold Weather Comes

It’s getting colder. And the wind is much stronger. I feel a bit of cold. Especially, when I get up. It could even kill you somehow in a short while.

The cold weather also has some influence on my fingers. I begin to have some trouble in typing words. The laptop is no longer heating. Now I want to get far away from the mouse.

You have to admit that, people get lazy in winter. Yes, we are moving slower. For example, we are late more often. People would like to talk about the cold weather when they are asked about the reason of being late.

Yes, power of weather is strong. It’s so strong that you can take it as a reason. Human beings can’t win versus nature, can we?

And people get cold-blooded at this moment. We don’t care much about others’ life. We just want to make our livings better. We live alone with the ignorance of others’ existence. We are cruel.

It’s my first year in this city. And it’s said that it’s very cold here in winter. Now the winter has been here for several weeks. But I know the coldest day is still very far. I have to suffer a lot. And all the suffering time, I have to be alone.

Even though I leave, there’s no one whom I kiss goodbye to.