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Whose Fault

China is the country which has the most dead people in the traffic accidents. Yesterday, an accident happened again. This time, it’s an accident about the school bus with more than 60 kids. And double-digit kids died. So, it’s the top news soon.

A school bus full of kindergarten kids was hit with a big truck in Gansu Province on November 16th. It’s a head-on collision. 5 people died at the scene, while 15 others were confirmed dead on the way to hospital. It’s an extremely terrible accident. Till now, I don’t know the cause of this accident. But I’m very clear that, besides 20 people died from the accident, 20 families will nearly go to a dead condition right away. You can’t imagine their sadness.

For Chinese families, losing kids can put the parents to the hopeless hell. From now on, they have to stand the pain of being lonely during the whole lifetime. How terrible it is!

China is a large country. And there are many accidents happening every day within China. At this point, this accident is just an accident. We don’t care about the number of accidents, but the number of accidents which could be reported. And we wonder the real death numbers.

I wouldn’t like to talk more about the accident. I just put up two pictures here. Let’s have a look at these two scenes. You must have found the differences. Yes, that’s the current situation. No one can ignore the reality. Although it’s so cruel.

I call the fragile vehicle here school bus. But we all know it’s not the true SCHOOL BUS.

And where are our school buses? For kids’ deaths, whom we would condemn?Whose fault is it?

Who is the killer, besides the driver?


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Not Willing to Go Out

Though today is an important day for me, I didn’t do anything new. I’m not willing to go out. I didn’t go out for a drink as usual.

Today, I took classes and spent most of the daytime at the dormitory. I’m not excited during the whole day.

I have nearly been exhausted by the tasks and works. All the things make me a bit nervous. What I want is to smooth everything away quickly.

I just come here to say happy birthday to myself.

Today I’m alone and received only one greeting message. But I have so many bottles of wine as the gift here. After the hangover, you have to get up again.

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It’s the first one that the title is completely made up of numbers. Yes, it’s a date. And it represent Singles’ Day.

I don’t know the exact history of this day. Generally, it came from the Internet and was created by Chinese. And young people, especially university students, celebrate the day every year. They will have a party with others. Or they will sing and dance in the bar. And of course, the merchants are involved with the celebration. They will try everything they can imagine to promote the day. Inevitably, there are many commercial elements within the day.

So, it’s just a day. It’s created and driven by people. People want to have some fun. And it must come with some reasons. The day is a good reason. On this day, young men and women needn’t be shy. You can feel free to communicate with each other. And you can even tell someone about your love.

If the other also likes you, he or she can take it seriously and then accept your feelings. If not, people can treat it as a joke. No one would hurt. If you expect some relationship, it’s a good way to begin.

There’s are some activities held tonight around me. I’m still hesitating. Will I go? And which of them will I join?

I’m very aware that if I want something to happen, I must be active. The first step will be important. I have been used to being alone. I’m considering when to change the status. It’s difficult to make this determination. I’m not determined. I need some courage.

I prefer waiting to searching. I’m always imagining I would meet the right person some day. Till now, it seems impossible.  The right person would send her as a gift to you. It all depends on your efforts.

Girls are also scarce resources. You have to be a brave pursuer.

Never think about the might-be break-up.

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Core Content of China’s MBA Education

Like other people who come from business or want to get development at business, we are studying an MBA program. But what the MBA program should be? Or is China’s MBA education the same as western developed countries’?

I know many MBA students just want to get a master degree. In China, the certificate is the most important thing. People care a lot about it, including the employers and employees. And the universities care about how much you pay.

But when we do something, we should figure out its real meaning. We should make it clear that why we learn MBA and what we will get from MBA learning. Obviously, few Chinese think about it. They just care about its result and function.

It’s bad news, right?

Till now, I have been there with my MBA studies for two months. The reality seems far away from what I thought MBA should be before coming here. It’s impossible that we all come to America and European countries for MBA learning. So, China have to do some changes and reforms.

We all know there are really gaps between Chinese education and western countries’. And the MBA program was imported in the end of 20th century. China got it directly from the western. The gap should be little.

We have been learning and copying others’ pattern. Unfortunately, we don’t do it well. Everything changes when Chinese characteristics are added to. And it gets worse.

There is only one thing that is the same between China and America’s MBA education. And it’s the high tuition. Except it, I can’t find any other common points. We are learning, but we don’t learn it well. That’s the problem.

Now I’m worried what I will get when I get the master degree. I’m worried about my competence. I’m afraid I can’t learn enough knowledge as I need. I expect the tuition is worth paying. But the fact tells me, maybe I will be disappointed.

In terms of accounting, the opportunity cost is too high. You lost your job and you came to a new city for studying. You should get what you deserve.

That’s the China’s MBA education should give it to you.