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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

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Power of Wall

The WordPress website has been blocked for a month again. Since the end of last month, I have been looking for tools to visit WordPress pages and publish entries. It takes me a lot of hours.

I have tried a lot. But none of them is perfect. I can use a proxy to browse the page. But without a browser, for example, I can’t post entries at Windows Live Writer. I can’t make the Writer on-line. It means I can only write down text words with the function of Quick Press in WordPress site admin page. I can’t insert pictures and songs in the entries.

Yesterday, with the help of Hotspot Shield, I opened the page again. And Windows Live Writer worked on-line again.

Now I can insert pictures again.

We have to admit the power of the wall. It’s so difficult to run out of the wall. People are eager to see what is happening outside the wall. They want to have an international view. They don’t want to fall behind with other countries’ people.

But they have to face up to the preventing power. The power comes from the huge and invisible wall. It can keep you away from many sites. It’s powerful.

And the process of climbing the wall is painful. Even, it moves people to learn computer science, especially the Internet technology. The wall is being on construction. And people never stop looking for ways to break through the wall.

They are hard-working people, including constructors and breakers. In fact, they are all under control. I don’t know when the wall will disappear. There is no time table.

Now we know that, there’re also borders within the world of the Internet.


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Inconvenience of WordPress in China

The WordPress pages can’t be visited in mainland China. I don’t know how long this situation will last. But it really confuses me a lot.

I just want to use a worldwide website site to post entries. It’s just a blog site. And in order to make sure global readers can read it, it must be an English site. That’s a problem of languages. Usually, I’m not willing to put political things into it.

I have tried many services. It’s very difficult to find a proper site that everybody can visit it freely. I can use a website easily. But I can’t make sure other people know how to use it. Especially those who know few computer skills. Because there exists a huge wall when they visit overseas websites. They have to use some technical ways to climb the wall.

In fact, many people don’t know how to climb the wall. They can’t understand foreigners. Foreigners can’t understand them, either. The world is divided.

I like using Windows Live Writer to write and post entries. But because of the wall, I can’t use this software. I have to type the article in IE browser with the help of proxy service. When you want to add some multimedia contents, it’s not easy to do it in IE directly. The format could only be text.

Don’t you see that? I haven’t added pictures below the texts since the end of September. I think it’s not complete without pictures. However, what else could I do? I just keep on writing.


What We Chinese People Lack

There’s a popular saying that, “One Chinese is a dragon, while a group of Chinese would be an insect.” That’s an opinion from foreigners.

Yes, I totally agree with this point. Chinese people usually lack spirit of team work.

When they work alone, he will pay much attention to what he’s doing. He cares about people’s attitude towards him. So he will try his best to finish it. But when they work together, in a team, they get lost. They begin to forget their existence. They forget what they should continue doing. Besides themselves, there’re so many others. They become lazy and think someone else is the only person who can make the dream come true . When the team need some of them to do something, they will try to escape. They are scared of making all efforts. They fear of sacrifices.

They just want to enjoy others’ achievements. Not only ordinary people, but also so-called elites. Especially among MBA students, they don’t show good awareness of teamwork. Oppositely, they show bad habits, just like illiterates. They are thinking about how to steal other people’s findings. They are considering about how to cheat in the test.

For example, some of them are absent or say nothing when the case study is going on. They just keep silence and give the chance of contribution to others. They want to be on the passing list. They want to get the scores in the final. They just need to get the degree. Results are what they care a lot about. As for the study process, they don’t think it’s necessary.

It’s a pity that they forget they should be professional. They should have been different from other people.

They want to be high quality. They want to be in the top class.

Till now, in my opinion, they are still too low. It’s terrible to work with this kind of people.

Thousands of years flies, we still play ugly like this. What a sorrowful thing!

To be a great people, the Chinese still need to do a lot on the growing up road. If we want real respect from other countries.

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Just Your Wedding

Just like what the movie usually shows, I received the invitation and came to your wedding. But I didn’t destroy it.

I didn’t shout out. I didn’t get drunk, either. I was controlling myself with my best. I didn’t want to be a clown . I’m always a gentleman, right?

You told someone not to let me speak out bad words. It’s unnecessary. You should know I could control the situation. I came here for greetings.

Or I wouldn’t promise to come.

So there were two things I did on the wedding, clapping my hands and taking photos. I had been neutral.

Honestly, the moment you both kissed each other under the shinning lights, my heart beat heavily. I was suffering. However, there wasn’t any change on my face. I was still smiling.

What on earth was I doing?

It looked like a drama which we played directly.

I wished people there could give both of you a happy wedding. That moment would be a good memory in your mind. I’m sure of it.

So, what could I say? Best wishes for you two.

I won’t hate that gentleman who lives with you during your whole lifetime. I just envy him. He is very lucky.

We all know there could only be one lucky man.

You know I always care a lot about you. Though I never said it out of my mouth. It’s about feelings. I can feel you have felt it. But communications between us get fewer and fewer as time goes by. I have to accept it.

I can’t own someone. But I can bless her.

Maybe I should forget it. I was not the other leading role.

Just let it go, quietly flying away with air and dust. Girls like saying it to other boys when they refuse.

It’s just your wedding. Not OURS.