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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

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Lost August

If you’re careful while browsing the webpage, you may find there’s something wrong in Archives column. Yes, there it is. The “August” is lost.

I didn’t even update an entry.

For me, it’s lost August.

In August, I lost my job. Of course, I quitted it on my own initiative. I lost the salaries. No company would pay to me. I lost some relationship. I had to give it up. I lost continuous work experience. I handed in my resignation and left the work place. I lost the promotion. I didn’t want any promotion there. I just wished I could leave quite soon.

I lost so many things in that month.

So what I’ve got?

I’ve got nothing yet. Only one point is clear that, I’ll get my degree in two years.

It sounds that’s why I came here.

Many people asked me why. They wanted to know why I left my work place and came to this city. In their opinion, it cost a lot.

Yes, it really did. I knew it’s difficult to make the determination. But for the future, I just would like to bet on it.

I still remain August 2011 absent on the month list. I do it on purpose. Also, I hope the sunshine around me would not be lost.


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New Laptop

I’ve got a new laptop. It’s still one of Dell Inspiron Series. The type of this new one is Dell Insprion N4110. Till now, it runs well.

I like it very much. And this new one took me 4299 yuan. I don’t know whether it’s worth buying.

This is the first time I’ve used Windows 7 operating system. I have been learning and using it. It’s much more beautiful than Windows XP. It looks very delicate, I think.

The last laptop, Dell Inspiron 2200, was in use for almost seven years. I’ve grown very attached to it and wouldn’t like to throw it. So, I decide to take it home for backup. It’s has been my friend.

Now, I’m think about how long I will use this laptop. Five years? Or much longer time?

After all, this deal is big for me, a man without salaries.

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The Ten Day MBA

A professor recommended us to read this book, The Ten Day MBA. It’s considered to be a very good guide for fresh MBAs.

I’m considering about reading it.

It’s expensive and there’s no inventory on the Internet bookstore. What about an electronic copy?

And tonight, I had a dinner with a friend. Our conversation made me feel that the key importance of money in our life.

Of course, the word of MBA is always connected to money.

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New Day, New Life

I have been here for almost two weeks. It’s the fourth time that I’ve been here. For the first three times, I came to this city for examinations.

Then, I was admitted.

Now, this time, I came here again for residence. I’ll spend two years studying for my master degree course here.

The campus is beautiful and large. There’re so many tall trees on it. And of course, the university is very good. It can be on the list of TOP 10, I think. It’s well known that students here works very hard every day. And the academic atmosphere is very strict.

I have to study hard. Otherwise I won’t get my diploma on schedule.

The city is new to me. The season is also new to me.

In the following news days, I will handle out everything I can to welcome the new life.

It must come before the time when I am thirty.