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Key to Error Connecting Problem

I told the readers in an entry that, there was something wrong with WordPress when I published entries with Windows Live Writer. It puzzled me several months.

Unexpectedly, with the help of Baidu Search, I found an article which told the solution to this problem.

It’s easy to solute this problem. And the key is “SELECT BLOG TYPE”.

You should choose WordPress 2.2+ as your blog provider.

Remember, don’t choose or WordPress.

You just need to make some changes step by step according to the pictures below. Then you will be able to use Windows Live Writer to update WordPress pages again.


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About to Resign

According to the schedule, it’s time to leave the company.

After receiving the admission letter, I wrote the resignation quickly. Tomorrow I will hand in the resignation. And then there will be some official steps waiting for me.

I don’t care about the salaries I will get for the last month. I just want to leave with safety.

If only my resignation would be approved soon. Then I still have some legal affairs to deal with.

In China, you usually have connections with official stamps and organizations who master these stamps.