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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

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Continuing to Be Perfect

It’s not surprising. Everything goes step by step.

According to the line, I’m qualified to enter into the second round test.

The second sound mainly contains English language skills and competency based interview. It must contain case study. As a fish in a company, I’m not sure of it. And it’s hard to prepare. Because the test is so open that you don’t know what content it will exactly refer to.

Now I wish I could get perfect performance just like I did in the first round.

If I did well, I would be admitted in early April.

Good luck!


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Trip of Twitter

Finally, I find out a good way to visit in this country with spending a day on searching proxy websites or clients.

Thanks to the software which is called SecurityKISS Tunnel, I can sign up and use a twitter account.

I was so excited when I saw the blue background of its webpage.

It’s the best way to use twitter, I think. Till now, it’s fast, free and easy to use.

It’s always difficult enjoy the Internet freely in our country.

You can try it.

If you also use twitter, you can tell me your username.

We can follow each other.

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Exciting Results

I’m so excited for the exciting results!

This afternoon the results of NETM were opened to public on the Internet. I used the mobile phone to log on the official website to inquire about my scores.

Slowly, the results showed on the screen.

Wow! It’s good! “Wonderful!” I said to myself, quietly.

But I still had to pretended that nothing happened. Because it’s not good if your workmates knew you wanted to leave.

So I continued to work as usual.

On going out of the office, I told the family my results via short text messages. I wanted to share the good news with the family and best friends.

It means I move closer to the day I’m admitted.

Now I could have some rest. Then I will have to prepare for the second round test.

Good luck!