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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.


Without Love

He can’t chase love.

It doesn’t mean he never has the ability of loving someone and being loved.

It just means he never thinks about love.

He’s too tired to make a plan on love.

He lives without love all the time.


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A Forgotten Function

First of all, it’s not an advertisement. And till now, this website doesn’t need this kind of advertisement because it’s been famous.

The domain of this website is At the beginning, it developed members on campus. Now it owns so many members at and out of school. People use it to connect schoolmates. It’s one of SNS websites.

Today I want to talk about its some function, searching for someone you met or you want to make friends.

After logging in the website, you can see a search button at the top right corner. Type some key words there and click on the button, you will get the result. Such as, name, school and city. You will see a list of similar names by the searching engine. Probably, the person you wonder is there. Go into the person’s site, you will see its profile, entries and photos. Then you two get in touch again.

Why I recommend this website? The reason is most of its members use real names just like in the real world we live in. You don’t need to guess whether the one you find is that true person you want or not.

Don’t you feel that? We are losing contact more and more as the Internet gets common. Though the Internet can help us contact each other more easily. Everybody seems like an invisible species hiding in front of a computer.

The world gets desolate because we choose to keep silence.



Fighting or Playing

See what these people below were doing. You can’t believe they were playing basketball.

What you can see is a jumping man threw his fist to another man quickly and angrily. That’s what they did in the gym.

People bought tickets and sat because they wanted to watch a basketball game, not a boxing game.

Be gentle, gentlemen.



Who Is the “Peace”

Chinese government and people have wished some citizens could win Nobel Prize for ages. But one day, there’s a man of Chinese nationality awarded the top prize, what will happen next?

Do they admit? Are they excited?

Nobel Prize always catches people’s eyes. Not only it’s top. But also it means some other little things.

When something is connected to politics, not properly, you will find it won’t be what it should be.

Maybe this individual award should be removed from the big family. Those people hope the top prize only means achievements on science.

What happened on the campus two decades ago?

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Be New Here

With a few hours spending on searching how-to-do, I finally changed the blog name. Just several buttons clicked needed, I changed the name to In This Life again.

I was so stupid!

I took it for granted that I could handle everything of computer and Internet common use. But after I came to, I suddenly found that many things were a bit difficult. I’m completely new here!

I need to learn HTML, CSS, API and some other functions.

In WordPress, you have to know how to build a website if you want to make your blog perfect.

In this place, blog is not only posting entries.

Till now, I’m just a fish.

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Come to WordPress

According to the notice of Windows Live team, I migrate Spaces to WordPress.

This is my first time to use WordPress service. Though I knew it long before. It’s famous, you know.

And it’s professional, I think. For its cure interface and contents.

I wish this new blog service could coordinate well with MSN.

Blog is not alone.