In This Life

I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

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Camera has been common in China. You can see so many people in streets having a DC in hands. Some advanced users own DSLR cameras and some fine lenses. But it’s difficult to take a nice photo with your camera.

I tried to put some meanings in it. I wanted to make it meaningful.

Just like photos by those famous journalists.

At last, I found it’s impossible.


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Sweet Life

Life is not always sweet because there’re always some people who force you to do things you’re not willing to do.

Or sweet lifetime is short just like a shooting star.

You work for somebody with all your best. You serve him heart and soul. You think you do the right thing. And that person treats you well, you think. It’s sweet life, you tell yourself.

No matter how long you work for him, sweet life could be over any time according to the order. There’s no human relationship.

Then he will use everything that is ugly to “take care of” you.

You also don’t need to beg him for letting you survive.

Only one side can be alive.

That’s our world.

It’s cruel.