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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.


Are You Alright

We might have similar experience.

You two both miss the other. You two both want to know how he or she is doing. You two both expect news from the other. You two both are involved somehow.

But it’s quite a long time since you two met the last time. Contact between you even disappeared. No meeting, no talk, no phone call, no e-mail, no cell phone short message. Only missing exists. Even though the physical distance of you is not far.

By this time, distance of your minds has gotten kind of remote.

At least one of you is too lazy to think about the other one still exists.

Gradually, you two accept the other’s disappearance.

You ignore it.

Even if one of you wants to own the other again, just like before, it’s impossible to get back.

Then two strangers come out.

Maybe, some day, you would need time to remember the other’s name.

While you are trying hard to recollect that smiling face, you must ask, “Are you alright?”

No matter where you are living, next street or another city.


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Which One Is Better

Thanks to the training programme, I can get a rest for a while. From the end of July, I didn’t need to work carefully under several cameras. I can decide what time to have water or dinner. No one gives me an urgent call about getting back to work quickly. Even if you were having lunch.

That’s what so-called superiors do. They never care what you have done. They just need you to do more. Maybe only such man or woman can be leaders. It must be cruel.

Annual graduate candidate test will be taken soon. I’m considering about a question. Professional or academic study, which one is better? What kind of education should I go to receive?

Am I still young to get back to university?

Just for libraries and study. Nothing to do with campus puppy love which I never had.

It seems I’m not good at it.

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She Smiles

I meant to write entries with my cell phone. But something wrong with the network while sending data. I had to give it up. And then I came here in front of my laptop.

Recently, iPhone and Android are very hot from people’s mouths. I want to buy a new one for substitution. The N72 now I use is too old-fashioned. Though the quality of Nokia phone is good. However, I just think about it. Because still now, prices of newest coming electronic products are too high in Mainland China market. Except grey products, we have no choice.

Are you willing to get an iPhone with more than five thousand yuan? Is it fashioned or wise?

Today I talked about smile on the mobile device. I love seeing you smile. It’s so perfect to see you smile. You keep smiling… I also want to be so perfect you see.

I need displacement.