In This Life

I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

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If you have a gf or a wife, you may live far away from ever fellows or friends. There is some conflict between these two sides.

Love can’t be friendly with friendship.

Is it good?


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I begin to listen to radio again via cell phone or computer. But the last time I listened to VOA is a year ago.

Basketball is my favorite sport all the time. After graduation, I touched the ball less and less. This summer, I choose to come back to the playground again. After work, I like to go to a college next to my apartment. Many people play there.

I still feel the vehicle is strange to control. Switch of brake and throttle is not easy. Maybe I need  a used car to do exercise as often as possible.

The new iPhone 4 came out this June. As usual, China is not in the list. The nearest market is Hong Kong. I want to have one before the definite price is issued. Nokia N72 I’m still using is out of date. But is runs well. We never need to worry about quality of Nokia products.

Which will be my second laptop? Dell or Macintosh?

In early July, I travelled to Hengdian with colleagues. At there I further understood what we saw on the screen were all fake. Everything’s on the plan. We’re arranged to see what we see.

We do ancient dramas in modern cities.