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China Can Say NO on This Time

Big news!

It must be the banner headline on the front-page of newspapers in China tomorrow.

You couldn’t believe this. China got a 3-0 win with Korea today, February 10th, Wednesday. It’s not only a win of one game. There are many meanings on it. It means China ended an embarrassing 32-year-long head-to-head winless record. Three men, Yu Hai, Gao Lin and Deng Zhuoxiang scored and helped the national team get the win. Unbelievable! As we all know, Chinese football always give us surprises, good or bad. So it does this time.

On TV, Chinese football players and coaches liked saying “we are just lack of some luck”. Now this time, today, on Tokyo, at the East Asian Men Soccer Championship, they were so lucky. It’s unknown that whether these young men saved themselves or Koreans “helped” them.

Anyway, our national team won the game. It’s not match fixing.

Gentlemen, you are making history again!




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