In This Life

I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.


Two Days

Two days; oh, no, it’s better to call it two festivals. Is isn’t?

Singles’ Day is about to be past and tomorrow – my birthday is coming.

Single’s Day, I stayed home for a whole day. For birthday, I will go to work as usual.

People don’t like the former. For the latter, they like it, and they will usually celebrate when it comes.

For me, these two days, don’t mean much. Today is common. So is tomorrow. They are just two days as usual.

Company trifles have already get me to another world where I wouldn’t like to think about cakes and candles. Though I have been able to afford them.

Maybe next time, before long, I would forget what date the birthday is.

At that time, I would also ignore November 11th, “four sticks”. I guess.

Birthday, I’ve been not willing to mention it. Just like I received few and few greetings.



Two Persons

I love you so much, then won’t you die if loving me a little for repayment?

A friend said.

I changed it to another kind of expression.

You love me so much, then will I die if loving you a little for a while?

Huh, just for kidding.

Staying alone at the apartment makes me feel so blue.

It’s quiet in the room.

So is the outside.