In This Life

I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.



It’s boring.

For the present job, I don’t like it. I like the industry, not this position. It’s tiring and nothing.

Every night, peering into the computer, I think about making some measures to get changes. I don’t want to fool around like this all the time. I also have ambition.

Further education or job-hopping?

I love schooling.

When I don’t know what to do, I will reinstall the applications after downloading newer editions.

I also love it.



Photo Memories

I took a Canon DC with me on the way to travelling. I also got a high capacity memory card and two batteries for backup. I wished to record seeing and feelings. But I didn’t turn on the power of camera frequently as ever days. Apparently, there are a lot of free space existing in the memory card after I got back. It could even be imagined to “empty”.

I took not many photos within the trip, while lots of words spoken out. Even though it’s a fact, here I still want to express the contents with the help of photos, not sentences. I know these photos can’t cover everything in my days. I would still like to do this.

I have modified the photos. The color was changed. I chose grey and vague surfaces. Why I didn’t keep the original color?

Because I called them memories, FADE-AWAY MEMORIES.

Sorry, I just forgot to press the shutter.

  • `_01
  • `_02
  • `_03
  • `_04
  • `_05
  • `_06
  • `_07
  • `_08
  • `_09
  • `_10
  • `_11
  • `_12
  • `_13
  • `_14
  • `_15
  • `_16
  • `_17
  • `_18
  • `_19
  • `_20
  • `_21
  • `_22
  • `_23
  • `_24
  • `_25
  • `_26
  • `_27
  • `_28
  • `_29
  • `_30
  • `_31
  • `_32
  • `_33
  • `_34
  • `_35

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Leaving Beijing

Leave here.

Leave Beijing.

Getting on a taxi to the train station, I leave.

I’m not willing.

I go quietly.

–from mobile phone on a trainMobile Phone



Holiday in Beiijng

Flied to Beijing last night.
Ready to spend several days here.
And have a DC in pocket to record memories.
Wish it would be sunny these days.