In This Life

I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.


Life, You

Life is so… like this. When I occurred to you, I was not there. When you occurred to me, I couldn’t get you, either. The difference is, I always wish to be there in my mind; but you, get away sometimes “on purpose”. You often make me be aware that I’m also brought to mind by you sometimes after you do it. I was not lucky, ain’t I?

That’s reality. That’s life. That’s who we are. We can’t catch the chance every time.

You mentioned it’s your favorite song. Yes, I believe it. It’s easy to hear love and passion from this song. It’s positive.

In some days, maybe a few weeks, I won’t be able to see you every day. At that time, you will start a new life. While to me, missing added and faith lost.

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03:04 I just can’t fall asleep.

07:42 What happened? You were there even at 3 am. 

09:42 You seldom got up early like today.

14:27 Miss you.  But you didn’t reply.

14:28 Reply what?

14:28 You said nothing.

14:28 Ain’t I talking?

14:29  Waited so long.

14:28 You was not to be on the initiative. So you wanted me to be first?

14:29 I did, but no response.

14:34 Isn’t it my response?

14:34 So long. What made you sit up to 3 am?

14:37 Drinking so much.

14:38 You seldom drink.

14:38 Happy. And sad.

14:38 I’m about to leave.

14:38 I played happily last night.

14:38 Drinking could help nothing.


12:16 What about going out for dinner?

12:16  Dating me?

12:18 It’s natural to ask you to dinner.

12:18 OK.

12:31 I drank some last night, but just a little.

12:33 That’s so nice. We go on tonight.

12:34 Don’t lie.

12:34 No lie. We’ll drink as much as we can tonight.

12:35 OK.

13:44 Do I look like an undergrown girl?

13:47 No.



Don’t Know

It’s too hard, I find.

I don’t know how long I can hang on more. I’m working hard to make myself get used to the rhythm of this kind of work. I want to get familiar with this job as soon as possible. I’d like to do it well very much. 

Till now, I don’t still find a good way to carry through my work.

I feel pressure and worry existing everywhere and every second. No one tells me any method to handle it. I haven’t found the right orbit, either.

Does this position fit me?