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Stolen Kiss



Kiss here I mean is about the "real" kiss. So, kiss happening between kids and parents is not what we  talk about today. Obviously, we talk about kiss while love happens with. It’s that kind of kiss that I called it the real one.

Actually, now, I’m being a little bit ashamed for a cruel fact that I still don’t know what first kiss the hell is, though I talk loudly about it. I don’t know what taste of the first kiss, either.

Tonight, I put up a sentence "Hope you could remember the feelings when I stole a kiss from you" as a private message in IM software. Then after a few hours, a female friend sent me a surprising emotion and asked me whom I kissed. I told here it’s not her and asked her to guess. Of course she didn’t know about it. She just repeated what I typed before and asked whether it’s true. I replied with a word "undeserved".

"What’s going on?" she asked.

"I just copied a sentence from a webpage here," I said.

"Are you touched very much by this sentence?" she asked.



"So many feelings,".

"Do you yearn for this kind of feeling so much? Or you ever did the same thing as it says?"

"Never. Just wonder what the hell that kind of feeling is,".

"It must be a kind of feeling that is very, very nice and sweet,".

"I trust your conclusion,".

"Trusting me or not has nothing to do with this," she laughed. "You’d better experience it."

"What I could do is only this. No other option. You don’t give me a chance to get an experience,".

"I have nothing to do with this, don’t I?"

"Because you asked me as the first one,".

"So you would ask the one for something if he or she asked you?"

"Exactly. I have no better choice,".

"I asked you for it because you asked," I added that.

"Then let K ask,".

"Why she?"

"You like K. Everybody knows that," she said. "It’s a good chance to make you two being together."

"Come on, X. I hate you a bit. You don’t take the responsibility, but set her up."

"Hah, hah, hah!"


Like what I wrote above, I first titled this entry First Kiss. Because if I had a kiss, it would be the first kiss of mine. I gave a word FIRST to express my thirsty. Then, while I was writing, word by word, it’s changed to Stolen Kiss as the title. For STOLEN is nicer than FIRST. The more important thing is I could only steal it if I want to know what it is. It sounds very strange. I also think so. But I can’t find a better expression to tell my feelings.

If I go to steal a kiss right now, it will be my first kiss. That’s it. Although the title is about STOLEN, I would like to know what my first kiss is more. In other words, STOLEN is just a form. While FIRST means the matter of it.

Steal… It sounds illegal.

Why steal?

Because the one you want to kiss won’t let you kiss her or she’s not very willing to kissed by you. You can’t do it by force. But you don’t want to give up. So you steal.

Sorry, full of disordered logistic in my words. I even don’t know what the hell I would like to tell. Well, I’ll tell a story to end tonight’s writing. Next time I want to talk about First Kiss seriously.

It’s the story that the word STOLEN came to my head. It’s a love story and of course still continues with its own way.

The leading actor is a girl. Calling her the leading actress is more precise. Accidently, she met a boy and stayed with him for several hours because they needed to work for something together. But just because of this, this girl was clicked. She fell in love with that boy. While at that time, the boy didn’t think so. It seems the girl was carrying the torch with much confidence. It really was then.

The girl told the boy that she loved him. And he didn’t accept it. But the girl didn’t want to give up. She took actions with being active and brave. She sent some ambiguous short messages containing love information to the boy every day. She dated him on her own initiative. Even, she would kiss the boy suddenly at the moment when they were just friends. She succeeded to do it several times. It made the boy shamefaced.

But the girl was happy. She stole kisses from the boy. She thought it as the expression of her loving him. A girl would like to kiss the boy and had to get it by stealing it with making a surprise attack. It’s so funny, right? People said her very brave. So did I.

Besides, I associate it with some other words. Minx, debauchery, profligacy… Oh, my God! What am I thinking? As a boy, I’m telling a story about a girl chasing a boy. It’s just about pure love matters. But I…

Sorry, I didn’t mean it. I nearly messed it up.

This time I added a song as background music before the first paragraph began. It’s From Silence, a film theme of Platonic Sex, one of Ai JiMa’s movies. I don’t say I like the movie. I mean I’m fond of that song.

Click on the icon to play it. music_note


Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

4 thoughts on “Stolen Kiss

  1. i consider "share" is much more fitted than "steal"if the two of you love each other. then it\’s not stealing

  2. A very moving story plus a piece of peaceful music~

  3. haha…i have no first kiss.. 😦 XD …interested in your "first kiss"…..

  4. your age, first kiss???? You must be kidding me….

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