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Merry Christmas



Peony eLong Credit Card

Hey, are they beautiful? I know many people, especially girls, they hold some credit cards because they think those cards are beautiful and like them very much.

I’m a member of I bought my first air ticket on its website. eLong gave me the first impression of online travel service. When I first time saw this co-brand card, I was totally attracted. It’s so beautiful. We could hold it as an international credit card and eLong member card. Of course, it provides all basic functions of credit card. And it also provides service from eLong. You could enjoy utilities from two cards while just having one in hand. That’s so great!

About the details of this card, you can find the introduction page on ICBC website.

ICBC released this kind of card on November 13th, 2008. But I knew it yesterday! Incredible! It seems I don’t know all products of ICBC.

I’m writing it here not for ads. Just because I find some feelings from this card suddenly. I always mean to get a Peony International Credit Card. Now that this co-brand card comes into us, I’ll try it likely.

If you like and want it, click on the below picture for downloading the application form.


First Credit Card

This morning, I received a letter from CMB. There was a card in the envelope. I knew it’s my credit card coming.

And it’s my first credit card. It’s funny that my first card is from CMB, not the bank I work in. Anyway, no matter which bank it belongs to, it’s a credit card. I can use it for overdraft consumption. That’s the most important thing. What I need to do is trying promoting it to a gold card.

Where is my second credit card? I’m not expected. For me, till now, one card is enough. I don’t want to be a slave of colorful cards.

Introduction: All types of the credit cards issued by CMB measure up the international standard and combine the RMB and USD account into one card that can be accepted around the world. Our customer enjoys the convenience of online banking service, the reassurance of zero risk after reporting lost, and 24 hours service through the hot line. We also offer various ways of making the payment and the handy procedure of paying USD statement by RMB. The long interest-free period, permanently effective points and the installment plan add the pleasure of using the card.


Long Time

Long time no see.

Long time no update.

I’m very sorry for the descending frequency of writing new posts. Once upon a time, I could wrote at least four entries a month. Generally speaking, one post would be posted every seven days. Even, I would wrote more than two in a week when there was something worth recording.

But now, I haven’t written anything for nearly twenty days. I don’t know why. It’s so difficult to specify the reasons. What I only know is I’m being tired. So, I’m not very “willing” to write something with the keyboard.

Honestly, I’m not busy. There are not too much work waiting for me to do every day. However, I become tired because of my job. Or my assignment. I didn’t do very well with my current position. I didn’t do as well as other fresh people. Well, there’re some reasons within this. Some must be involved with myself, I think. Anyway, tomorrow I will make some changes on it. I would be very excited if the changes really worked. I couldn’t fall behind other workmates. That would be no explanation.

Now get back to Windows Live system. I like calling it system. Because I think this system contains many contents. Messenger, Mail, Spaces and so on, all are useful. And it really contains some others things that I love. Mood, attitude, style, thinking… I love them all. It’s this integrated system that makes me feel rich every day. Although I’m not rich at all.

These days, I didn’t use MSN frequently like before. So with Spaces. I didn’t write posts. I didn’t even go to other people’s spaces for some reading and commenting. I didn’t mean it. This situation will be changed soon. I really hope to write more. I will write more as possible as I can after everything gets back to normal. Before that, there’s a question.

Are men also strongly influenced by some virtual things? Such as, mood.