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Standing in the Bus


Couples of days ago, after being off, I caught the bus again, like what I did every day. It was around six at dark. And the traffic jam came again. So many vehicles, motorcycles, bikes and passengers travelled in the street. You could hear whistles every minute. It was so busy in your eyesight.

Since there was a jam, the bus moved very slowly. The driver often started the bus suddenly and then stopped it in another second. With awful vehicle condition, it’s so hard to keep good in the bus. Chairs were limited, while passengers too many. Except the aged, few could have a seat. So, if you wanted to keep balance, you must hold the handrail tightly every second. That’s also what I did.

Something acted upon my head when I stood in the reeling bus. I even felt some sadness. I was thinking why people and me staying here. And what were we doing? Obviously, we got on the bus and wished to get home as soon as possible. So we chose to stand in the bus. Surrounded with a crowd, we just stood there alone. At that time, the bus seemed to be a cage. Even, it was like a prison van. Wasn’t it?

People crowded in the bus. They couldn’t choose the route. They couldn’t get off the bus unless it stopped at the bus stop. What they could do was waiting there silently. Especially at the jam time, the waiting time was much longer. It’s hard. In order to make waiting time go faster, they looked out of the window wearily. “Enjoying” the street scenes was the only thing they could do. There were two worlds then. One in the street, and the other in the bus. The glass separated them. At that time, people in the bus were “prisoners”. Because the world they belonged to was isolated from the outside. They were poorer than real prisoners. Because prisoner can sit in the prison van when transported.

In the bus, holding the handrail and looking outside, it sounded one trapped in a prison van. This sentence was my recent personal message of QQ. And just like what I told above, I took two photos with my cell phone when I was standing in the bus. I just couldn’t control myself.


Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

19 thoughts on “Standing in the Bus

  1. why u write your blog in Eng.? Native Chinese Man~~~haha

  2. well!nice english!!!and there\’s so triste!!!
    i wish you happy!!
    sorry for poor english

  3. I love this story and the way you write…compliments for the originality! :)Byeeee!!…Everybody\’s uncle 😉

  4. 哦~我知道了~ 嘿嘿~

  5. i\’m sorry my english is poor,what\’s the mean of "asx file\’?

  6. Welcome u my friends
    wish u happy every day

  7. 吼~~这里人太牛了,连评论的都是个个英文,惭愧…………..

  8. Thx 4 leaving yr comment on my space.
    Just one minute, oh~ today is my birthday, best wish for you ^^
    shall we make friends ?

  9. 回访,谢谢留言。
    很工整的英文日记吖,像是雅思作文^ ^

  10. 来浇浇水 ^_^

  11. To BIG SHOT,
    Sorry, I tried to send a message to you about that multiple songs playing. But I can\’t send or reply to you because of your communication preference settings.
    You need to put the links of songs you choose in an asx file and then upload this asx file to the Internet. Then put the web address of this asx file in Windows Media Player. It will play songs one by one.
    You can find out many documents about how to make an asx file on the Internet.

  12. how to make the player of your space to play so many songs? thanks~

  13. hehe thank u 
    u  r  CHINESE?

  14. This is the city where you can\’t run away.

  15. how to make the player of your space to play so many songs? thanks~

  16. babe that\’s concentration camp ! that \’s a movie ! I understand how you feel, but you don\’t have to take a bus, why not take a taxi ? why not ride a bike ?why not ride a motorbike?  why not move to live in another city if you don\’t like the crowded ? As time goes by, you will find out , there are a lot of people who don\’t want to change their life , they get used to what they do everyday, somehow, some people may enjoy their life like that. In some extent, taking a bus home everyday when finish their work might be some else\’s dream as well. What you feel is only your own feeling, what I suggest is, always do what you want, change what you can change.

  17. Hi, thanks for your drop-in and I am 回访 ha …
    Most of the time I feel like the same and more, if u have ever saw the movie " Schinlder\’s List", u will have deeper thinking when recalling the scene of crowded people in the train to concentration camps. This has been always my question, why people now make ourselves live in the same way every day which people  had spent their entire lifes before to escape from !!! This thinking drives me crazy! Oh, Help!

  18. The same question.

  19. Where do you live ? Which city ?

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