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Too Tired


Am I too tired?

I have no idea of that. I just know I can feel pain on the back, waist, shoulder and legs when I finish daily work every day. Sometimes, I think I’m nearly exhausted. I don’t feel very well.

Every morning, I have to get up early before half past six and then get to the office before twenty to eight. The regular morning meeting is held at that time. I must sign in and attend the meeting on time. If late, 10 yuan will be deducted at a time. What’s more, I’ll give my superior a "bad" me. In a word, I can’t be late.

Formal work time is from eight 0’clock to half past five in the afternoon. Because I just began to work a few days ago and don’t have a specific position, so I may be told to do anything. Mental work or manual work — anything is possible. This Friday afternoon, I was told to substitute for a lobby manager. Wearing leather shoes and standing for several hours is too painful for me. You must never know my feet were bleeding because of it.

I haven’t get used to the current working style yet. I haven’t get used to wearing suits and working for a whole day. I haven’t get used to communicate with workmates and clients. There’re so many things that I don’t get used to. I guess that must be the reason of my being tired.

I’m working in a building with elevators and air-conditioning devices. And no one lets me carry heavy things. But I still feel tired. I still feel painful. I don’t know how it comes on earth.

Maybe some days later, when I get used to my job, I’ll never be too tired. And all pains on my body will be gone.



Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

11 thoughts on “Too Tired

  1. sometimes i feel the some way,a little tired.maybe Life,or maybe Heart.need to smell the Flowers and Relax…….

  2. 看了你这篇文章想起以前的自己,当我们走出学校就意味着长大,立足,成就自我,或许在学校我们会想很多的美好事物,可是当真正走出学校面对现实社会,却发现社会的残酷,人性的悲劣,事事的艰辛,但是不要灰心当我们学会的适应这个社会的时候我们就已经成功的迈出了一步,以后就是好好的走下去,想想别人可以坚持,可以成长,强大为什么我们不可以?好好调整一下自己的心态,整装待发,相信自己一定会是一个独特的个体,一定可以拥有自己的一片天地,永远支持你!!还记得上次跟你说过职业生涯规划的重要吗?相信你会想通而且会很坚强,很优秀,很棒!

  3. 非常同情你~一个人的成功就是建立在若干个痛苦之上的,十一假期好好休整一下啦^_^

  4. well,I think maybe it relate to the time u sleep at night
    see, it was 0:34 when u wrote this
    or maybe u need to do some sports ,e.g jogging twice a week or more?
    anyway sometimes the mood  just about u heart
    so take it easy,doo.

  5. 明天不一定会更好,但更好的明天一定会来的~!

  6. the start of something new~the start of something hard~

  7. This is life…

  8. Maybe you need a holiday ? Hope your boss will give you some days off ! Poor boy !

  9. 也许你需要的是一些时间来适应

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