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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.


About to Be on Board

After waiting and staying home for nearly a month, now I’m about to be on board.

This afternoon, I had a meeting in the company which I will work in. In the meeting, we subscribed our names to the labour contract. And we were noticed that which subbranch we were allocated to. Thank goodness! I was allocated to a downtown subbranch, which is the largest one within all provincial subbranches. I was too lucky!

I won’t need to worry whether I will be allocated to a suburban place. I’m very excited now. So are the family. That’s because this allocated result is beyond my expectation. Several hours ago, I just wished I would work in any downtown place. It’s a big surprise.

Tomorrow, I’ll go to the subbranch which I was allocated to to check in with a letter of introduction. Then I will begin to be on duty.

So tomorrow may be my first formal working day. Hope everything will be fine.



Such a Boy

There is such a boy of a kind in every girl’s life. He doesn’t belong to love. He isn’t her boyfriend, either.

However, there must be a place for him within the nearest distance from herself.

She will be bursting to show it to him when she sees some pretty things. She will be bursting to copy it from her MP3 to him when she listens a beautiful song. She will be bursting to buy two and one for him when she finds nice notebooks, though he doesn’t like pink strawberries. She will send SMS to him firstly when she is about to cry. She will go to contact him firstly when she is quarrelling with her boyfriend.

Although it’s unknown that when he will disappear from her life to be a prince of another girl and that girl will be princess owing to him, every girl exhausts herself to enjoy, consume and empty him and everything he takes greedily during the days when he still stays within the nearest distance from herself.

Every girl all becomes gentle, nice and considerate in the body of such a boy.

Though a perfect girl herself after that has nothing to do with this boy yet.

But such feelings are always something that exceeds love.


Half an hour ago, I found some fascinating words when I searched music. It’s someone’s signature article in a forum. When I read those words, I mean Chinese characters, I suddenly found something in my eyes. I was moved by them. Those words were about ambiguity, confidant and something like that.

Although it was written about what a boy is for a girl, I think it can be applied commonly. Each boy/girl maybe owns a girl/boy like that. And of course, so do I. So on glimpsing through those sentences, I sympathized with the contents. It seems it’s writing my situation.

I have published its original version in my another space which is written in Chinese. Now I translate it to English and put it up above. Those sentences are not the most beautiful, but really meaningful.

And before posting it here, I meant to send it to someone. But unfortunately, she seems not to be in touch tonight.

Sometimes, I hate the world somehow as God plays tricks on us. Two have feelings for each other and even they were ever in a relationship, they can’t live together eventually. Even if they still love each other. That’s what God does to us, if God really exists. We are fortune’s fool, aren’t we?

It’s difficult to explain how these ones come. They don’t belong to friends or lovers. But these special relationships do exist.And many of us were or are trapped in such a relationship. We don’t know whether it’s sweet or not. We just can’t escape from such a trap. Even when we have known its unhappy ending, we are still enjoying it. Funny.

We know we can’t be able to retain it one day. We also know we will let it go one day. However, we are not willing to break away from it. We all need it, don’t we?


Do You Know That When You’re Headed for a Breakup

Several minutes ago, when I browsed Yahoo! website, I found an interesting article titled Relationship Breakup Signals on the homepage. I’m not in a relationship. Neither I was. However, I regarded it as interesting and useful.

It would be very nice if someone could tell that he and his partner were headed for falling out before it happened. We all wish we could do that. According to the author of this article, we can predict a break up. And furthermore, with just a little bit of tweaking, we can get back on track and rescue our relationship before it hits the rocks.

This must be heart-stirring news. It gives us much hope. Let’s see what on earth these signals are.

Signal 1: Tuning out

One of the most common reasons that relationships fail is because one or both partners is tuning out. It might sound mirror, but actually, few things are more hurtful than being ignored by your loved one, whether that’s accompanied by emotional neglect or physical distance.

The Cure: Take Down the Wall

Tuning back in is easy. All you have to do is agree to listen to your partner’s feedback and dedicate time and emotion to the relationship again.Start taking down the emotional wall, bit by bit. Look at your partner in the eyes when he or she speaks, make physical contact daily and re-commit to the relationship.

Signal 2: Fighting Fire with Fire

Couples who fight fire with fire can expect a relationship that is constantly up in flames. Name-calling, sarcasm, criticism, and violence result in emotional wounds that are hard to heal and relationships that are hard to rescue.

The Cure: Pour Water on the Flames

The next time you feel anger guiding you to say, or do, things you might regret, take time to cool off. If that’s not possible, try framing your complaints as requests. For instance instead of, "Why did you forget our date?", you could say, "I feel sad that you forgot our date. How can we make sure this doesn’t happen again?" If your partner is the one who is fanning the flames, don’t engage in the vicious cycle of insults and tantrums. You can’t fight fire with fire if the other person won’t engage in the flame-throwing.

Signal 3: Refusing to Own Up

No one is perfect. So why is it that some of us refuse to take responsibility in our most important relationships? Passing the buck and playing the victim are surefire ways to put a relationship in jeopardy.

The Cure: Take Responsibility for Your Actions

The next time you forget an anniversary, or say something hurtful to your spouse, don’t try to pass the buck and refuse to take responsibility. Instead, admit where you went wrong and try harder next time. Sounds simple… But it can save your relationship.

I believe most of visitors to my space are in a relationship with someone. Maybe some of you encountered these troubles or will encounter them some day. I don’t mean to see you break up with your partner. I’m not cursing you. I just hope these above useful and could help you get out of troubles, if something wrong really happened. If our relationship can keep intact by making simple changes to the way we and our partners communicate, why don’t we make it? We can’t avoid fighting and arguing. But it is how we fight and argue that determines whether our love can weather the storm.

Briefly, we can enjoy the niceness of our beautiful love. In this case, why not make it better?