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Offer, where is my offer?

This is a question I want to know urgently these days. And I also want to know who can give me an offer. It’s clearly that an offer is the most valuable thing I want now. I urge it.

These days, I have been working hard to look for someone or an employee that can give me an offer. I really tried. And believe me I will continue to try. I hope more companies could give me more opportunities. And I also work hard to grasp opportunities. But now, for the time being, the problem is it seems there are not many companies who are willing to help me. They even don’t give me a chance.

Why? I have been thinking about it. And I also asked many people so as to find the answer. I need to know the reasons. I don’t know what employees think in their mind. Every time when I want to get the answer, I always stare at my resume. I try to find something in it.

Is there something wrong or not very proper in my resume? Or do I make mistakes in the resume? Unfortunately, I found no direct mistakes. But how did those HR managers exclude me? It must contain some obvious factors.

"Yes," I said to myself. After many times’ checking and thinking, I think I do find something.

Firstly, it’s on account of my name. You mustn’t believe that most Chinese people don’t know my given name. Even many teachers who teach Chinese don’t know my name. They don’t know the pronunciation and meaning of the characters within my name. Then they don’t know how to type it in the computer. So, even if the HR staff think I’m qualified and want to give me a chance, I still receive no interview or aptitude test notice. Because they can’t speak it out on the phone or type it out in the computer.

Secondly, the relationship of my university and major gives people an optical illusion. They think my university shouldn’t own a department like mine. They tell themselves according to what they see from the name of my university. Maybe they regard my university as a famous and excellent university. But they don’t have the same opinion when treating my major. In their eyes, if my department really existed, it would be a little bit bad. Actually, the fact is that my department really exists in my university. And it’s good. It’s just young if judged by the year when it was founded and will certainly have a promising future. It makes me somewhat angry. I just want to tell them, if you judge something only by its name, you will find you are wrong at last. You don’t know what my university is and who I am. But you are unknown about your wrong judgement.

Thirdly, HR staff can’t search out many shining points in my resume. I didn’t get any scholarship at university. I’m not the Party member. I didn’t have a high level in Students’ Union. I didn’t publish papers. I didn’t have an internship in a big company or organization. I didn’t take part in many social activities. But this is what I am. I am what I am. I am one of a kind.

I still believe I’m not a man that contributes nothing on the earth. I can do and will something for the employee if employed. And I also have some strong points which others don’t have. I’m "useful". I’m not a giant and most of us not. But I can be a talent of what I do.

Now I’m sitting in front of the computer. I’m trying to find some useful employment information. Browsing the webpages about other people’s interview experience, I couldn’t help thinking about my offer again. I wish I could see my offer soon. It’d better be tomorrow. 



Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

4 thoughts on “Offer

  1. 到你家来踩踩   留个中文的脚印。
    谁叫我英文very poor呢

  2. 相信自己  付出会有回报的  继续努力  祝你好运

  3. I feel blue while reading your essay my little bro, terribly sorry to see that you are being through a tough time.
    Technically to say, hunting a job, especially a good job really needs you put much effort in it. Cause it\’s a new beginning of your life, and it\’s usually hard for us at this time. 
    Firstly, We have to admite the firce compotition nowadays, so during this period good componies are bound to get lots of resumes, but they\’ll only choose few of them to come for interviews, so a good resume is the first step . Or you can think like this, what if you are a boss, what kind of resume are you satisfied with?
    Secondly, your lack of working expeiriences or shinning points(I don\’t mean you are not good, just something you can figure out to show your ability). Who\’d like to prefer a new hand? You have to know studying in school is one thing, working out is another thing.
    thirdly, your major. I know ytou are angry about what people think or say about your major, but I think that\’s pretty natual, cause it\’s new in your school. Actually what will you judge someone when you first met him or her? Of course by their looking, dressing , hair style and etc. And your major is just one of them. You are wearing a kind of new clothes or new hairstyle, you think it\’s beautiful ,even fashion, but most people are troditional, they have different ideas. You need not to be angry about that, for that cannot help you, only bad for your health.
    Fourthly,you are always aim at big componies. Why not try a small compony? try from a beginning as a normal stuff. Don\’t expect too high at first although you think you are good enough. You have to go step by step, but you\’ll be promoted faster cause of your abilities.
    My mayjor is tourism and hotel management. I thought I could get a high position afeter my graduation, for my school is famous here. However, I started as a normal receptionist working in front desk in a five-star hotel in Beijing, kept standing, smiling, sometimes busy checking in and checking out, even have no time eating meals or drinking water, what\’s even worse, you\’ll pay for some money by a little mistakes, such as acepting faulse paper money, or giving  wrong bills to the guests. Not mention some rude guests do something bad to you….During that time, the first thing I do after work is crying. But I still worked hard, just didn\’t want others look down upon me. I\’m a quick learner, I learned everything very fast. and also, my oral English is No.1 there, our manager liked me very much. But i\’m not contented, I payed more attention at what or how my supervisor did. And then i got a promotion as a GRO(guest relationship officer), and then AM (Assisitant Manager). It took me less than two years, while others in this hotel usually need more than four years or even longer….
    I told you this, not to show off or sth, just remid you maybe you should put yourself a little down.
    Lastly, ask your classmates if they have similar experiences with you, if yes, nothing , if no, find out differences among you and them.
    In a word, a state of peaceful mind is important to you. Worrying, madness , complaining give you nothing helpful. Take it easy. What you should do is  to find problms and trying to settle out. I know it\’s not easy, but you\’ll never know what you are gonna get or if you can make it if you don\’t try!
    At last, I believe " no expecting, no lost" , don\’t expect too much, you\’ll find your life is full of surprises! 

  4. The lateness of your offer is because of neither your name nor wrong judgements on your school,to say nothing of your resume. It\’s because of you,young boy. Believe yourself,and a suitable offer is coming.
    "A new day has come…"

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