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Excellent, and Also Alone


He is excellent, absolutely. And, of course, he is also alone. Who can be the one of that kind?

That is Tracy McGrady the one who falls down in the first-round series of NBA playoffs again.

Today, T-Mac did everything he could. I can feel that he was being exhausted on the floor. He tried to save the Rockets. He scored 40 points for the Rockets.He scored eight of Houston’s first 10 points. He finished 13-for-26. He got 28 points in the first half while his highest game score in the past 5 games is 29. He tried to carry the Rockets. But few of his teammates climbed aboard.

T-Mac pushed the Rockets through the end of the second quarter, going on a 9-0 run and scoring 13 straight for Houston while cutting a 17-point lead to 58-54 at halftime. But the Rockets could get nothing going in the third quarter, scoring only 11 points while going 4-for-22 from the floor and looking a lot like the Jazz had when Houston staved off elimination Wednesday at home. T-Mac had just one point in this quarter.

On the contrary, Deron Williams scored 13 of his 25 points in this decisive quarter. The Jazz didn’t want to put themselves in that situation again and snuffed the Rockets’ hopes by opening the third quarter with a 20-5 run, which Williams capped with seven straight points. He made back-to-back 3-pointers and prompted Houston to call a timeout.

T-Mac came out firing in the fourth quarter. But even he, the two-times scoring champion couldn’t save the Rockets. Because nobody helped him. He was just fighting alone. He couldn’t beat the Jazz by himself. He fell to 0-7 in playoff series. That is what we have seen, a cruel fact.

At the moment, out of question, he is the poorest man in the world. He must be so sad today. He felt what the pain was if helpless. He saw the reality he faced again. What a pity!

Some say T-Mac is weak. Maybe. But today, no one can say that. We could see clearly that he was doing everything he could to save his team and his honour. Didn’t you see that he was fighting by himself and nobody could stand up to help him? What a poor man! He exhausted himself to score points as many as possible. He run after the Jazz with his strong scoring. He fired fiercely and continuously. That’s what he has done.

Nevertheless, his teammates couldn’t fight together with him. They couldn’t score. Meanwhile, they couldn’t prevent the Jazz scoring. They were just spectators on the floor. Facing the Jazz’s offense, they could do nothing. Working with these men, how could you desire T-Mac to get wins?

So what could T-Mac do except saying "I will be back"?

I believe he will be back next season. But I’m not sure whether he will get more when he fights for his dream again. I hope he would get something really meaningful one day. Because I still believe he is excellent. Although he might be alone again.

Good luck, Tracy.

We know you were hurt.


Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

19 thoughts on “Excellent, and Also Alone

  1. 你也喜欢篮球啊   下赛季麦迪会更强大
    你英语真好  羡慕

  2. 谢谢帅哥来访,文笔不错。

  3. 呵呵~~

  4. 有起伏的人生才是完美的人生!good luck !

  5. 呵呵,孤独是人的必须经历的过程。加油哦。

  6. Good luck , Tracy!
    Good luck, Rockets!

  7. 哇~英文高手呀~~

  8. oh my god 考英语吗 
    呵呵 回访 看来英语有待提高

  9. 英语专业的?

  10. haha, 第一次有人两次说我像小龚~

  11. Don\’t feel sad. Everything will be better next season, or next match, even next minute.

  12. 欢迎来访呵呵

  13. 回访一下,你是个英文高手,我一句也看不懂,真不好意思。

  14. "dying in the sun" ,I like it.haha

  15. EN…..
    however,good luck.

  16. Dang…another NBA blog! hehe…it really has a pretty "tempting" title that led me to think this might be a

  17. 有些可惜啊  不过还是应该相信他

  18. 这个钟数我还想是谁呢~

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