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May Day Golden Week ‘Gone’ Forever


Today is Labor Day, i.e., May Day. I didn’t have a plan of travelling. I planned to stay at my apartment.

Last night I asked some of my friends whether they had planned to travel out. They said no. I believe that there are quite a number of people staying at home just like us. But months ago, you couldn’t foresee this situation would happen.

I can feel that this year’s May Day is not as hot as the past several years’. It’s not the focus any more. Why? Many people must associate it to the Olympic Games, Tibetan issue and even the train crash. Yes, of course, these events are what people focus on these days. But there is a more important reason which is also more direct resulting in it. That is, the May Day Golden Week is gone forever.

During the past seven years, China had three Golden Weeks for the Spring Festival, Labor Day and National Day holidays. And then, from this year, one of the three Golden Week holidays is abolished and several traditional Chinese festivals added to the holiday list.

According to this new holiday system, for Labor Day, people can only have a one-day holiday. Even if we use holiday shift here, people will have three days holiday — Labor Day, this Friday and Saturday. The week-long Labor Day has been "historical". From now on, we will have two Golden Weeks.

As is known to all, the Golden Weeks were introduced in September 1999 to boost domestic consumption. It really contributed a lot to GDP. Markedly, it generated so much in tourism revenues. Now the authorities abolished one of them. What do you think about it?

And are you satisfied with the current holiday system?

By the way, today, I tried but could hardly find any news report about May Day in some China’s leading media. It wouldn’t happen in the past.

Maybe news for the Olympic Games means everything to them.


Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

19 thoughts on “May Day Golden Week ‘Gone’ Forever

  1. I think this is good. I can still remember that soem year I continued to work 8 days just after the Golden Week.
    And in all past Golden Week I only stayed at home to avoid the crowded places everywhere including zoos and commercial malls.

  2. haha,我知道你说我忘记什么了,不好意思,最近忙着期末考试没有时间仔细看里面的文章,sorry!等我什么时候看英语文章和看汉语文章一个感觉的时候我估计就不会觉得看abc累了!

  3. 包帅哥是叫我吗?1?太激动了,从来没有人这么叫过我,及时是恭维或者欺骗都没有过,好激动啊!

  4. Thank you for visiting  my page,I hope I can read more and more passages which are writen  by you……

  5. hi..nice to meet you, i feel a little bit suprised that u wrote ur daily in English, i just wonder what is ur major..and tell u something,i have travelled Peking when i was a primary school student, and i suppose it is quite different from it used to be …can we be friends? my name is Mia..

  6. 谢谢你送出的祝福,也祝你节日愉快!

  7. The new holiday system  is rather strange and has interrupted many  peoples arrangement,peolpe need time to adapt to this change.

  8. golden weex r gone
    gone 4ever

  9. 节日快乐,jesse!

  10. 背景音乐很好听啊~~~

  11. 哇。。。真厉害啊。。。都是英文,我就想把英文学的很好,但是总是找不到窍门~

  12. as to me ,this so called "holiday"  is anther weekdays because of  the coming physics examination~from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm i stay in the classroom ,nearly being crazy .

  13. 讨厌人满为患的假期,可是作为学生,必须经历这样的过程。

  14. 写得很好,佩服~~~~~~~
    BTY: 不管放几天,只要能休息就是好~~~~~

  15. i think that traveling has been already a part of Chinese life, and doubtedly many of them could prolong holidays on their own. therefore, we get more holidays to spend just after we get used of the new holiday system.

  16. 火~好久没有看到这么多人的景象了!

  17. 对于我来说,这种休假制度预示着不用值班值七天了!!很好呢!

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