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Did you make a resume? Or are you preparing for a resume?

All undergraduate students who are about to hunt for jobs need a resume. And certainly, as a graduate-to-be, I am hunting for a job; so I’m making a resume.

What is a resume? Briefly, a resume is a piece of paper which can be said to be a page of short self-introduction. It is used to tell the employer who you are, what you have and what you wish to be. It’s the first impression the employer gets. And transparently, it’s basic and important.

Generally speaking, for Chinese students, we need to prepare for two different resumes. One is the Chinese edition, the other is the English edition. Now I’m talking about the English edition of resumes.

Making a resume is not easy. And making a good English resume is very difficult. You must consider many things. Such as cultural differences, format and usages of words and expressions. You must make the contents of your resume look nice, at least fluent in the language use.

I’m trying to be myself within the resume. I’m trying to use English fluently on the paper. I’m trying to tell the employer all I own and all the employer wants. I’m trying to let HR managers believe that I’m the right person they need. I’m trying to make the boss know I’m good to his company. But I’m just trying. It’s hard.

Someone said that a good English resume needs many times of revision. I have been amending the resume for many times. And I’m asking my professors for some help. Meanwhile, I show my resume to some of my classmates. I want them to give me some advice and tell me where exactly on the paper needs some revision. I want to make my resume perfect. I’m perfecting it.

All I’m doing and about to do are completely for the offer. But where is the offer?


Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

27 thoughts on “Resume

  1. when you are trying, you are in the blessing of God! Just try you best!

  2. 来看望你。


  3.  英语不错哦。我初建博客时也是写英文,可没过两天就放弃了。很佩服你的水平和毅力。

  4. 在你这是KARIM,呵呵,刚确认了下下~

  5. 看见你踩过的印印了~

  6. Glad to see your update and know your thoughts these days 🙂
    Wish you good luck and grasp the opportunity.

  7. Think big, man, when you\’re that good, your name is your resume~ ;)Good luck for your job hunting~ 🙂

  8. 从佑时代过来的…

  9. you\’ve been prepared for a good job, good luck~

  10. offer会有的,呵呵。

  11. 回串回串~

  12. 回踩~嗯以后我会常来看看英语的

  13. trust in yourself
    stick to your belief
    and wish u good luck!

  14. 回踩一下,英文很棒哦,有空来CANADA玩

  15. let\’s make it better!

  16. Prefect resume. Return you a big footprint. Hoping you find a good job.

  17. Good Luck!

  18.      After reading this, I feel I should have been more serious preparing my resume.

  19. thks for visiting~your space music is gooooood~maybe you can just go to some companies and try! good luck to you hoho.

  20. God bless U, Offer take by U!

  21. 你的空间也不错  只是 我只能看懂 一些些  哈哈哈  

  22. 看不懂英文哈“也帮你顶顶哈

  23. No wonder the good news will be soon flying to your mail box! Since you have been making fully preparation for it, all you need now is patience and waiting for the job offers to come.I bet you could make it getting the job you have been expecting for long! Good Luck, dawg! hehe…

  24. 踩一个脚印

  25. 作出个性简历,你会!预祝你能够寻到理想的雇主!!

  26. thx for visiting my place
    it brings me back to urs, good stuff

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