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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.



Did you make a resume? Or are you preparing for a resume?

All undergraduate students who are about to hunt for jobs need a resume. And certainly, as a graduate-to-be, I am hunting for a job; so I’m making a resume.

What is a resume? Briefly, a resume is a piece of paper which can be said to be a page of short self-introduction. It is used to tell the employer who you are, what you have and what you wish to be. It’s the first impression the employer gets. And transparently, it’s basic and important.

Generally speaking, for Chinese students, we need to prepare for two different resumes. One is the Chinese edition, the other is the English edition. Now I’m talking about the English edition of resumes.

Making a resume is not easy. And making a good English resume is very difficult. You must consider many things. Such as cultural differences, format and usages of words and expressions. You must make the contents of your resume look nice, at least fluent in the language use.

I’m trying to be myself within the resume. I’m trying to use English fluently on the paper. I’m trying to tell the employer all I own and all the employer wants. I’m trying to let HR managers believe that I’m the right person they need. I’m trying to make the boss know I’m good to his company. But I’m just trying. It’s hard.

Someone said that a good English resume needs many times of revision. I have been amending the resume for many times. And I’m asking my professors for some help. Meanwhile, I show my resume to some of my classmates. I want them to give me some advice and tell me where exactly on the paper needs some revision. I want to make my resume perfect. I’m perfecting it.

All I’m doing and about to do are completely for the offer. But where is the offer?



It’s Over

Houston Rockets’ remarkable ride is over.

Houston Rockets are about to close their straight wins in a few minutes. They can’t drive past Boston. The Rockets lose their luck after all.

Today, the Rockets play in Toyota Center versus Boston Celtics. Though Ray Allen sits out, it’s still very hard to the Rockets. Celtics have KG and PP who can both contribute a lot for the team. As for the Rockets, Yao has been out for many days because of foot injury. Now everything depends on McGrady.

But tonight, McGrady’s situation seems not very good. He can’t score and assist freely like what he did in the past 22 straight wins. Celtics give him so much pressure when he tries to shoot.

From the third quarter, KG began to brighten up. Meanwhile, the Rockets began to lose their direction. They seemed to close their eyes and couldn’t see where the basketry exactly was. Celtics have lead the Rockets for more than twenty points. And the Rockets can’t do anything to make some changes. What can they do at present?

They are not lucky any more. 22 straight wins are enough and will be recorded in the NBA history. The Rockets have made history which seems impossible to them. That’s great! Now they need to think about the playoffs. They have to make some plans if they want to go further.

Tomorrow facing Hornets and Chris Paul, could the Rockets get a win?


Really Sorry

It’s not an apology. But it’s more than an apology. I really mean it.

Last December, I said sorry to everyone. Now I have to say sorry here once again. I have to say sorry to my parents, my family and those people who are always caring about me and my study.

I remember that I said I would apologize if I let you down. Now I’m really letting you down. What can I say?

The day before yesterday, Dad talked to me on the phone. He asked me about the current news on my scores in the Graduate Candidate Test. I didn’t know how to respond. I just told him I did it ugly and it’s not likely for me to enter graduate school this year. Dad also asked me about what happened and what I did in the several days after I came back to university. I said no new information.

I know you are always concerning about my growing up. And I also know you wanted to hear of some good news when you made the phone call. You were trying to be happy and full of hope. You wish that I would be a graduate student this year, or if not, next year. I know how strong your wish is.

But sorry, Dad. What I gave you was all about bad news. I am letting you down. I seldom let you down in the past twenty years. However, this time, I really let you down, seriously. You tried to keep good mood on the line and continued to encourage me. But I know you was sad and your heart was hurt.

Most times, I did well in the examinations. But for the Graduate Candidate Test, I couldn’t give you my word. Because I was not sure about it. I know you and the family looked forward to my success. And all of you wanted to see me being confident, like I usually was before. Terribly, I couldn’t and I didn’t promise to you at that time.

I got high level of scores in the College Entrance Examination and successfully entered a famous university. Seen from the admission standard, it is absolutely one of the first-class universities in Mainland China. You must want to see it happen to me again. You must have dreamed of your child being a would-be graduate student in a famous university. Unfortunately, you "have to" be disappointed this time.

I hadn’t finished the trial well. I called it a trial because it’s really a trial to me. For me, the fact I didn’t perform well enough and can’t enter a graduate school, it’s a failure; for you, it’s a hit, which impacts on you heavily. It’s a bit painful to you.

What I am telling you is not for begging you for your pardon. You don’t need to try to forgive me. Because it’s unforgivable. It’s hard for you to say something.

I just want to tell you I know I wasn’t doing my best to handle everything. I still have to work hard. I still have much potential, I believe that.

And Dad, of course, I love you, always.


Dream of Me

Let me sleep

For when I sleep I dream that you’re here

You’re mine and all my fears are left behind

I float on air and nightingale sings a gentle lullaby

So let me close my eyes

And sleep a chance to dream

So I can see the face I long to touch, to kiss

But only dreams can bring me this

so let the moon shine softly on the girl I long to see

And maybe when she dreams she’ll dream of me

And high beneath the clouds

I’d whisper to the evening stars

They tell me love is just a dream away, dream away

A dream away

So let the moon shine softly on the girl I long to see

And maybe when she dreams she’ll dream of me

Oh dream of me


Do My Friend a Favor

One of my friends is making preparations for her term paper. It needs a survey about the media and street children at the beginning. This survey will help her to know the opinion of people all over the world. It’s very helpful to her paper.

If you are free, please fill it and send it to my friend’s E-mail

Thank you for taking the time.                                                                                    —————————————–

The Survey

  1. Your age.

  2. Where are you from?

  3. What do you know about street children?

  4. In your opinion, how many street children are in your country?

  5. How the media represent street children in your country?

  6. What is the society’s attitude about street children in your country?

  7. How do you think, does the way the media portray street children has a profound impact on society’s attitude to street children?

  8. What is your opinion about street children?

  9. Has the media influenced (formed) your attitude about street children? If yes, than how?

  10. Do the media violate children’s rights? Are street children always recognized as citizens with such rights?

  11. How the media can improve the representation of street children’s issues?

  12. Do you trust the information presented by the media? Why yes (no)?

  13. In your opinion, do the media reflect or create the reality?

  14. Do you agree that the media use stereotypes and form unbalanced impression of street children as victims, or criminals? Why yes (no)?

  15. Should the media provide children with opportunity to speak for themselves? Why?

Thank you again.


18 – 0

Tracy McGrady and the Houston Rockets are making it look easy, even against the best teams in the Western Conference.

This morning, McGrady scored 41 points and the Rockets stretched their winning streak to 18 games with a 106-96 victory over the New Orleans Hornets.

The Rockets have the NBA’s longest winning streak since the Lakers won 19 in a row in the 1999-2000 season. Houston became just the seventh team in history to win 18 or more consecutive games.

McGrady hit 17 of 27 shots, reaching 40 points for the fourth time this season. The Rockets also made a season-high 14 3-pointers. It’s hard to believe that the Rockets could rack up so many wins after Yao Ming went out with a foot injury. How did they do that?

The Rockets have won 27 of their last 30 games, the best record in the NBA since the beginning of 2008. They are setting records and breaking records at the same time. Honestly, I can’t believe that. But it’s the fact. That’s true. We all hope the Rockets will continue their way to get more wins.

18 + n – 0 at last? 19 or more than 20 wins? Let’s look towards.




Thank goodness! I passed the driving test today.

After nearly 20-day exercise, I eventually finished it. I’m so excited now. The following step is waiting for the driving license. I guess I’ll get it in a week. Then what I need to do is real driving. It sounds a bit fascinating.

I think I have realized one of the nicest dreams during my lifetime. It’s also very meaningful. The next dream is about the car. When will I make it? I don’t know.

I seem to see my license now. I’m looking forward to it.

And thank everyone for their concern about me and my driving test. I appreciate that.