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First Day at Driving School


In China, during the last decade in the 20th century, there was a voguish saying that people should master three basic and important skills in the 21st century if they want to be talent in the employee market. These three skills are English, computer application and the driving license. It’s true. Especially at that time, few people had these abilities completely. If you master these three skills, you will be special. And obviously, you will be the better choice for the employer.

As for me, I have learned English for many years at school. I also use the computer every day for several years. In other words, I don’t need to worry about the two skills. But I’m strange at driving. I know little about driving a car. At the meantime, I have been dreaming of a driving license of my own for a long time. There were some factors that kept me from going to driving school.

When I graduated from high school, I told Dad that I wanted to get a driving license. But Dad refused my request for I was still young. Then after entering university, I had talked about it for several times. It was still denied. It made me forget things about the driving license for a time.

A week ago, I went home for the winter holidays. When we had supper, Dad talked to me about the driving license. I told him that I wanted to get the driving license as soon as possible. And I said, if possible, I wanted to go to driving school during this winter holidays. To my surprise, this time, Dad agreed. I couldn’t believe my ears at that time. Dad approved of my dream eventually.

Then last Friday, I went to the driving school to sign up, as well as Dad. The fee was a bit high. It took me more than 2000 yuan. But it’s worth doing this.

In the afternoon of that day, I began to drive the jeep under the instruction of a coach. It’s the first time that I have driven a vehicle formally. I drove it for some laps. The coach told me the positions of clutch, brake and throttle. And I also tried the steering wheel. I found that shifting the gear completely well was somewhat difficult. That’s a big problem and it puzzles every rookie. I know I must work hard.

So that’s my first day at driving school. Because of the snowy weather, it’s impossible to start the engine and carry through the exercise. I haven’t gone to driving school once more after that afternoon. Unfortunately, it will continue snowing in the following few days. When will my second day be?

I’m waiting.


Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

27 thoughts on “First Day at Driving School

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  2. 驾校……

  3. Such a interesting blog. Thanks for visiting my world:)I am learning how to drive with a instructor now,. Oh my God, Such a nightmare.The cost here in Australia is a little bit higher than China, Hopefully I can finish it within the next 6-8 lessons which will cost me about AUD$500, far more than urs:(Good luck to both of us

  4. thanks for your visiting and welcome to come again and again,;)
    i saw that you ve lots of interesting links,may be i will cameback to read them.
    From today,you have an invitation in english in my space .REMEMBER:ONLY IN ENGLISH,LIKE YOURS!
     good continuation !

  5. so, you r not the jesse i knew in my undergraduate, right?

  6. 睡前过来采采。。。。

  7. 我是不敢开车的,呵呵,似乎对那样的大家伙一些怕。

  8. look,look!^_^

  9. 走来。

  10. 走来。

  11. 走来。

  12. 走来。

  13. 走来。

  14. 走来。

  15. 路过。

  16. Yea, it might be charming at times,but not works every time.
    And it\’s horrible to be emotional all the time.(Hope I\’m not that kinda girl.)
    So, I may be emotional and irresolute sometimes,just like Susan,but now I\’m a "Hilary" or "Lynette".
    (Just kidding)

  17. pretty good english and you have a good start.

  18. thank u for "happy birthday"!!
    thank u very much!

  19. Your blog looks like M$\’s User Manual…

  20. who are ya?

  21. 学车时脸皮厚点,教练多骂你两句,以后开车就少点事故。即使挨骂滋味不好受。来驾校就是找骂来的,驾校挨骂多点,今后路上就少受点罪,否则停车的时候左边一个宝马,右边一个大奔,前边又堵着一排车按喇叭,那滋味就难受了。

  22. 没整错吧!?错了就给我提个醒!以后我在这里回话尽量用鹰文!

  23. 过奖,过奖,我从小到大能算的上是会的也就是汉语吧,发音还不完全标准!法语只能是拿出来混事的,英语以前还能混混,现在混事都那不出手了!不过还是要谢谢你,就凭你说我会三国语言了,我也要好好把那两个混事的提到议事日程上呀!
    在这里大伙都整鹰文我好像是个不和谐音符!最后整一句吧:Good Luck !Waite for your good news !

  24. thx 4 visiting and all the best:)xx

  25. good boy, i have got my driver license,and i am pretty sure you can get that!A z,A z,fighting!

  26. (sorry for the last post)
    I like your background songs

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