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Snowy Days


In some provinces of South China, it has been snowing since 13th of this month. It is still snowing outside. I can hear the sound when the snowflakes hit the glass.

Why there are too many snowy days this winter? Especially in South China. It never happened like this before. But this year, this winter, it really does. Unexpected. When I firstly heard about the snow falling, I regarded it as a piece of news. I thought it was a surprise. I never saw this long-term and long-scale snowing in the past time of my life. I thought, in China, only could heavy snows be seen in the north. Because before I went to the north, I often saw many snows everywhere in the north from the TV. I took it for granted that heavy snows are the particular scenes which seem unique while belonging to the north.

But now I can see the same scenes in the south. Miracles! Although, generally speaking, it snows in the south, it will be sunny soon and the snows melt away for a while. Curiously, this snowy weather persist for more than ten days.

What power make it snow without any stop? We have been talking about the global warming for years. At the time when this topic is hot, it snow heavily and "warm winter" disappears. Funny. It’s too complicated. I haven’t seen any article about the reason why the south snows much more heavily than before. I wonder how it happens. Maybe I will ask climate experts for some help. It really confuses me a lot.

If it is because of the punishment for we human beings breaking the rules of nature, this will be just a very beginning of disaster. No one can imagine what will happen next. We are just waiting here, for the richly deserved punishments. 

The weather forecast said it will still snow in the following days. What exact time will it stop snowing? I can’t stand this damned weather any more.


Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

16 thoughts on “Snowy Days

  1. 嗬嗬,你看过那电影《the day after tomorrow〉,说不定全世界以后都会那样呢~~!!

  2. 假如dying in the snow maybe更美

  3. [Dying in the sun]

  4. [Dying in the sun]

  5. the music seems to b my favourite

  6. 回踩~~~~,文章全是英文的!?唉~~!看样英文真的不能扔啊!我会努力把英语捡起来的!法语现在可以先放一放了!有空会没事过来踩一下的!

  7. random clicked it by ur comment.
    it\’s nice blog, oh .. I have been to bejinging once when I was in my high school graducation trip; by that time it was snowing too..
    how does the weather like over there? it\’s kinda cold in here too .dn\’t want2 c snowing coz i\’ts just too annoying hehe

  8. 哦买疙瘩

  9. 回访

  10. 希望天气可以变的好起来!新一年里都是晴天!

  11. Well, Jesse, I believe it is just what you mentioned – global warming as well as a hole in the ozone layer – all makes differences in weather we have now. The weather is moving (if I can express myself this way). And these year are not exception from the last one and the year before the last year. Just this year we can feel the changes more clearly. But wait till next year. What I mean by saying the weather is moving – well at the places where there was never snowing, the snow is falling like never before and the places we the summers used to be hot – getting colder. For exapmle, my country. I call this time of year – the time without season. Why? Well, a day before yesterday was raining heavily, yesterday 24/7 was snowing, nex day sun was shining like it would be spring and it was warm. Just thanks God leaves are gone till spring. And this kind of weather we have all "winter". I cannot cal it winter, as well as I cannot call it summer, spring or autum. So what kind of season it s that? I don\’t know… You asked what can we expect from that? disaster!!! Imagine, what will happen to the Africa\’s nature or Spain\’s nature if there is going to snow and the real summer is gone. All the nature, yield and source of living will be destroyed. Thats what gonna happen. This generation like and others should not expect nothing bright in their future. 😉

  12. yes ,jesse, there are more than five provinces have be effected by this sonwy. The  wire  pole were pressed disrupt by the snow and many trians can\’t working.There are more than 50000 people can\’t come home on time.the snow is not only a slight,it\’s true a terrible,then train whihc to my hometown was stoping.and in hangzhou train waitingronm,there are 50000 people haven\’t  get train.even a men was died for have no  enought clothes\’s so bad when i hear that.

  13. ms你的日志全是用英文写的~~~

  14. 哈哈 光临寒舍 倍感荣幸啊
    你是说滚动条的问题? 我暂时还未找到更好的版式。spaces是微软设计的,我能自定义修改的部分很少。(有何建议?)
    哈哈 因为我晚上睡不着 经常熬夜

  15. 今天是我第一天看你BLOG,哈哈,以后有新的阅读材料了
      你的前两篇文章我也看了,地道!                                                           -LeE

  16. 发现你总是在凌晨写东西

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