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First Day at Driving School

In China, during the last decade in the 20th century, there was a voguish saying that people should master three basic and important skills in the 21st century if they want to be talent in the employee market. These three skills are English, computer application and the driving license. It’s true. Especially at that time, few people had these abilities completely. If you master these three skills, you will be special. And obviously, you will be the better choice for the employer.

As for me, I have learned English for many years at school. I also use the computer every day for several years. In other words, I don’t need to worry about the two skills. But I’m strange at driving. I know little about driving a car. At the meantime, I have been dreaming of a driving license of my own for a long time. There were some factors that kept me from going to driving school.

When I graduated from high school, I told Dad that I wanted to get a driving license. But Dad refused my request for I was still young. Then after entering university, I had talked about it for several times. It was still denied. It made me forget things about the driving license for a time.

A week ago, I went home for the winter holidays. When we had supper, Dad talked to me about the driving license. I told him that I wanted to get the driving license as soon as possible. And I said, if possible, I wanted to go to driving school during this winter holidays. To my surprise, this time, Dad agreed. I couldn’t believe my ears at that time. Dad approved of my dream eventually.

Then last Friday, I went to the driving school to sign up, as well as Dad. The fee was a bit high. It took me more than 2000 yuan. But it’s worth doing this.

In the afternoon of that day, I began to drive the jeep under the instruction of a coach. It’s the first time that I have driven a vehicle formally. I drove it for some laps. The coach told me the positions of clutch, brake and throttle. And I also tried the steering wheel. I found that shifting the gear completely well was somewhat difficult. That’s a big problem and it puzzles every rookie. I know I must work hard.

So that’s my first day at driving school. Because of the snowy weather, it’s impossible to start the engine and carry through the exercise. I haven’t gone to driving school once more after that afternoon. Unfortunately, it will continue snowing in the following few days. When will my second day be?

I’m waiting.



Snowy Days

In some provinces of South China, it has been snowing since 13th of this month. It is still snowing outside. I can hear the sound when the snowflakes hit the glass.

Why there are too many snowy days this winter? Especially in South China. It never happened like this before. But this year, this winter, it really does. Unexpected. When I firstly heard about the snow falling, I regarded it as a piece of news. I thought it was a surprise. I never saw this long-term and long-scale snowing in the past time of my life. I thought, in China, only could heavy snows be seen in the north. Because before I went to the north, I often saw many snows everywhere in the north from the TV. I took it for granted that heavy snows are the particular scenes which seem unique while belonging to the north.

But now I can see the same scenes in the south. Miracles! Although, generally speaking, it snows in the south, it will be sunny soon and the snows melt away for a while. Curiously, this snowy weather persist for more than ten days.

What power make it snow without any stop? We have been talking about the global warming for years. At the time when this topic is hot, it snow heavily and "warm winter" disappears. Funny. It’s too complicated. I haven’t seen any article about the reason why the south snows much more heavily than before. I wonder how it happens. Maybe I will ask climate experts for some help. It really confuses me a lot.

If it is because of the punishment for we human beings breaking the rules of nature, this will be just a very beginning of disaster. No one can imagine what will happen next. We are just waiting here, for the richly deserved punishments. 

The weather forecast said it will still snow in the following days. What exact time will it stop snowing? I can’t stand this damned weather any more.


Problems When the Old Live Alone

— What can we do if old people live alone? This question was asked in an MSN group several days ago. And I gave some suggestions at that time. Now I post them below.


Honestly, I don’t approve of old people’s living alone in China. Even, you know, it’s dangerous and will do harm to old people’s living condition and lives.

Yesterday, I read a piece of news on the Internet. It said that a body of an old man who lived alone was discovered after several days he had been dead. Incredible!

If old people have to live alone, I think there are many measures that should be taken, not only by their children and family, but also by the society and the authorities.

We should take care of old people if they live alone. We must make sure that their living condition is fine and their have enough money to go on with their lives. They shouldn’t be hungry or thirsty. And children should keep in touch with them as often as they can. The family should know the old people’s present situation. In case old people are ill, we must take them to see a doctor immediately.

Meanwhile, we should visit their houses at times. We can spend the weekend with them. We must let them know that we still love them and we are still concerning about them. We must let them know that they are not lonely.

Law and legislation are needed to protect the old people’s rights and insure their required living condition. Any conduct which trespasses on old people’s rights will be punished.

The government should build some departments to deal with everything of old people’s living. If old people choose to live alone, some organs or organizations should take care of them if necessary. A well-run social security system is needed. If old people live far away from their children or their children don’t attend them at all, there must be some people and organizations that take care of old people well.

The community and the society are responsible to care about old people. They can do and should do many things to improve old people’s life.

In a word, we should improve old people’s life by taking as many steps as we can take. We can’t leave them alone. They need us. We need them, too. The old people shouldn’t be separated from our society. They need to enjoy their well-being life.


Problems of China’s English Learning

As a global language, English is learned by people all around the world. English plays an important role on communication between people who speak different languages. If you can’t speak English, you may be lost in the globalization.

English has been thought highly of in Mainland China since the Reform and Opening-up. There are more and more people joining in the trend of learning English. Not only students, but also other people. Especially the aged citizens, after the government called on the whole country to learn to speak English, when Beijing won the right to hold the 2008 Olympic Games. English learning is very prevalent now. Also English training services. The qualification of English is needed in many places. Such as universities and work units.

But what’s the present status of China’s English learning? How many native Chinese can speak fluent English? Is China’s English education successful or failed?

When I ask these questions myself, I feel very depressed.

In China, when graduation, a college student has worked hard to learn English for ten years. Six in the middle school, and four at university. He also passes CET-4, many even CET-6. He scores very well when he take examinations. However, he can’t talk to a foreigner freely. He can’t understand books of English version completely, either. Writing a paper also seems too difficult for him. Why? It doesn’t make sense.

On the contrary, when you travel to a non-English-speaking country in Europe or South America, you will find many people there can speak English fluently. No wonder that a child there speaks English more fluently and originally than an adult in China.

So, how these happen? What’s the problem of China’s English education system? And who should be responsible for the ugly situation?

If you find you get little after spending many years learning a language, even you spend much more time and effort on it than what you do in your native language learning, what do you think?

People can list many reasons that bring the problems of China’s English learning. But the most important point is, what a language education system should be?


Arrange Your Entries under Categories

How many people use categories service in Windows Live Spaces? Are you using or intending to use this service?

I have used it from now on. I knew it very early. But I never tried. Last month I read an entry which was about how to make blog more famous. It said that bloggers should arrange their entries under categories. It’s good to visitors of their pages. Visitors can read and understand the entries more easily and handily. And visitors will more possibly love the blog site, if they are interested in the entries. Out of question, if you want your blog more popular, you need to classify your posts.

It also looks like a catalog of your all entries. It will be helpful when I search some given entries, especially those which I posted long before.  Syllabuses and clues always seem very useful. So if there are no categories within your entries, I think you could have a try.

I will show you the details of how to begin the category journey.

  • You can add a category when you publish an entry. Click on Add a category.

  • Then input the name of a category you like. Click on Add.

  • There are some default categories provided by Microsoft. You can use them if you feel that they are also satisfying. Now you can choose a category while publishing entries.

  • If you want the categories to display in the form of a list, you need the space module called Categories. After show the Categories on the page, visitors will be able to see your entry categories and also they can subscribe to categories they like. When the category is updated, they will get the feed.


  • If you don’t need a category any more, you can delete it in Blog Settings. And don’t worry about it. If you delete a category the entries in that category are not deleted. However, visitors can no longer sort these these entries by that category.


Well, are you clear about the Categories? I hope you can enjoy it.



It’s snowing, though lightly.

I don’t know the exact time when it began.

But I can see snowflakes dancing in the sky.

As well as falling.

I didn’t take DC with me.

Or else I would take the beautiful scene.

It seldom snows this winter.

Especially downtown.

Even if it’s the real north.

Maybe it’s global warming working.

Whatever, it will be totally white outside.

When I wake up.


I’m Being Back

Hey, I would like to tell everyone that, I’m Being Back!

I’m back eventually after being away for some days. I’m excited to be able to see you and show you what I write again. It makes so happy.

I haven’t written any post for nearly a month. I haven’t used Windows Live Writer for nearly a month, either. Actually, I’m willing to post my words here every day. During the days when I was away, I once thought about getting back and writing something. I like writing. It really seems tempting. After all, I stopped this kind of idea moving. That’s because I gave you my word.

Now I’m back. I can publish posts again. I like the life style as a blogger. I never write private diaries. I prefer to keep what I’m thinking alone in my mind rather than make it public. However, I’m fond of post what I’m thinking online and here, even if I think it alone sometimes. And it’s your coming and leaving comments that encourage to write more. I really appreciate it.

Now the winter holidays have begun formally. In other words, I could be somewhat free and have enough time to update this space. I will.

And I hope all of you and anyone else will always come and leave some comments. No matter what kind they are of, suggestions, advice, encouragement and criticisms, are all expected to be shared.