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Away for Some Days


I’m afraid that I’ll be away for some days.

I’m not willing to leave here, but I have to do that.

As we know, Graduate Candidate Test will be held next January. It’s one of the most examinations I have taken and will take during my lifetime. It can be said to be a crucial point which will impact on my life. It will be a determinant turn. All the plans I will make in future rely on it.

Whether I have been ready or not, it’s coming. I can’t avoid being tested. I’m upset now. And I thought a lot about the question that how it will affect my future. So it’s not necessary to talk about it again.

Making such a painful decision is very difficult. I’m not sure whether you can feel what I am feeling. But don’t worry for me. I will be back in twenty days, I promise. I won’t update entries here in the following days. However, I will still come in and see your comments every day. Sorry for that.

I don’t care what the result is. I will accept anything that happens to me.

If you want to read the next entry of me, wait for a few weeks, maybe. You can also send me an E-mail when you are free.

See you.

P.S. The weather forecast says it will snow heavily today. Really? No evidence at present. I’m looking forward to feeling the coming white scene.


Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

37 thoughts on “Away for Some Days

  1. 我专程过来看看你写的东东…
    happy new year~08年一切顺利!

  2. take it easy and good luck to you.

  3. 加油`~祝考试顺利~~天天开心^-^

  4. 晕~~都是A,B,C…….T-T

  5. 论文写的怎么样了,放假了吧?

  6. Hi Jesse,Thanks for your show of understandingin your last reply. I hope all goes well foryour Graduate Candidate Test!Good luck in all that you do!Try to relax and have some fun after all examinations are finish. Take care,Z

  7. jesse,

  8. หวัดดีครับยินดีที่รู้จักเป็นคนประเทศไหนครับบอกด้วย

  9. hi,jesse,
    how about you these days?
    i am writing my schoolwork.
    wish you be sucess in your test and happy new year!
    good luck!

  10. 如此动听的音乐被你右键-属性轻而易举的收入囊中。。。

  11. 新年快乐~

  12. you are wrong , i`m sorry to say.
    it will not be a crucial point and determinant turn in you life ,actually.
    each test you that have taken and you will take is important to you, but not so important to you.
    and for another thing,again ,you consider the graduate too high~

  13. 祝你考试顺利。不过考研的人是不适合看金刚经什么的哦。

  14. best wishes!

  15. thX 4 ur X\’Mas Greeting!
    Happy New Year 2008
    Xin Nian Kuai le

  16. thX 4 ur X\’Mas Greeting!
    Happy New Year 2008
    Xin Nian Kuai le

  17. thX 4 ur X\’Mas Greeting!
    Happy New Year 2008
    Xin Nian Kuai le

  18. happy new year!

  19. thanks for your visiting! your space is very nice.
    and your english is quite good!
    wish you a nice new year and be sucess in your study and exam!!!

  20. happy new year!

  21. 我们要订个规矩 
    往后我来你这要写中文 是为了证明我的中文也不是盖的
    你到我那就要写英文  这是为了暗示我学好一门外语是一件很拽的事情 
    你觉得怎么样?我认为很不错  便宜你了 国语你也会讲 反倒是我 不懂的还要去翻字典

  22. thank you for visting my site.
    anyway, happy new year,!!

  23. 恩…全e文…pfpf…

  24. 哈哈  我纯属开玩笑  是在夸奖你的英文好呢

  25. Seems you are someone leaving footprints everywhere!!! ^_^ Happy New Year and Best Wishes to Everyone!!

  26. 呵呵,很少浏览其他人的BLOG!你的英文好厉害,赞!

  27. 新年快乐~我来回踩~


  29. 谢谢访问我的空间,现在回访一下。

  30. 看到你留言,多谢来访.

  31. 我的天哪  用的全是英文  你在炫耀什么吗??? 不过你成功了  现在我很倾佩你的英文  哈哈

  32. Having another a new friend makes me very happy

  33. danke, thank you ! wish u everything goes well in the new yr!

  34. 都是用英文写的!~羡慕啊!~哎!~我英语都忘得差不多了!~惭愧!~

  35. Well, thank you very much for leaving footprints in my blog, and thanks for your wish. i would like to express my best wishes for the new year and for the approaching postgrad entrance exam too. I have once taken part in the postgrad entrance exam, however, it is only a joke to me, I am not perseverant enough to prepare for it for half a yr. so my failure is a must. I appreciate your attitudes to life very much and wish to be your cyber friend.
    N.B. Your English is quite idiomatic and beyond the average.

  36. Good luck to you.

  37. 谢谢你的提点

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