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FeedBurner or FeedSky

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FeedBurner or FeedSky? It’s an option that Internet users must do in Mainland China.

Recently, I pay much attention to RSS Feed service. It’s a brand new thing in Web2.0 era. I have dreamed of provide some RSS Feed service for my blog visitors for several months. This service should contain RSS Feed, E-mail subscription and RSS subscribers statistics. So I began to search for the RSS service provider.

Generally speaking, I prefer to overseas products and services. Because multinational enterprises supply better services than domestic. Especially for the customer service.

I found FeedBurner first. It seems that its service is very good and professional. But there is a problem. Many of my blog readers know little English. Whereas, FeedBurner doesn’t have a Chinese version. It means I’d better to find a domestic service provider. I visited lots of blog webpages written in Chinese and found many users using service provided by FeedSky. What about FeedSky?

Then I visited FeedSky homepage. To my surprise, it’s simply a Chinese version of FeedBurner, I thought. Formats, structures and modes, all these are nearly the same. Why? They are two different companies. At first, I took it for granted that FeedSky was a branch of FeedBurner in China. Then I found I was wrong immediately. FeedSky is a company owned by a Chinese merchant.

And they are many articles about service quality of FeedBurner and FeedSky. People compare FeedBurner with FeedSky. Most think of the former better. They say that service of FeedSky contains some imperfect designs and the service quality level too low. Someone sent an E-mail to FeedSky in order to ask for some help. But he hadn’t received any reply for many days. There are so many complaints about FeedSky service.

Many users want to use FeedBurner service. But they can’t. Because FeedBurner has been blocked by GFW. Users can’t visit webpages of FeedBuner unlimitedly.That is to say, they can’t enjoy the excellent service provided by FeedBurner completely.

What is GFW? GFW is short of Great Firewall of China. You can’t visit some sites which contain contents forbidden by Chinese government with GFW. GFW has had great power. Users in Mainland can’t visit Blogspot. And pictures in Flickr can’t display. GFW blocks many webpages which contain contents about advacacy against China and pornographic information.

How to evaluate the effect of GFW? It indeed blocked some pornographic sites which do harm to children and young people. That’s very good. But if the site you would like to visit is blocked and it doesn’t contain any illegal content, what do you think?

And how to provide better service, it’s what domestic company should consider. We shouldn’t be scared of competition. We can’t be protected all the time.


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