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Away for Some Days

I’m afraid that I’ll be away for some days.

I’m not willing to leave here, but I have to do that.

As we know, Graduate Candidate Test will be held next January. It’s one of the most examinations I have taken and will take during my lifetime. It can be said to be a crucial point which will impact on my life. It will be a determinant turn. All the plans I will make in future rely on it.

Whether I have been ready or not, it’s coming. I can’t avoid being tested. I’m upset now. And I thought a lot about the question that how it will affect my future. So it’s not necessary to talk about it again.

Making such a painful decision is very difficult. I’m not sure whether you can feel what I am feeling. But don’t worry for me. I will be back in twenty days, I promise. I won’t update entries here in the following days. However, I will still come in and see your comments every day. Sorry for that.

I don’t care what the result is. I will accept anything that happens to me.

If you want to read the next entry of me, wait for a few weeks, maybe. You can also send me an E-mail when you are free.

See you.

P.S. The weather forecast says it will snow heavily today. Really? No evidence at present. I’m looking forward to feeling the coming white scene.



Merry Christmas

Gift with a bow  ———————————–

Tonight is Christmas Eve. It’s one of the most beautiful nights in western countries. Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Christmas carols, and even stockings and gifts. We are all familiar with all these beautiful things. They really sound very nice.

But today, I won’t talk more about Christmas here. I have written some posts about Christmas during the past few years.And I also talked about the cultural exchange between China and western countries. That is, I have no comments now.

With the thorough development of the Reform and Opening-up, Christmas Day is more and more popular in China. We couldn’t avoid commenting on it any more. Christmas Day has been a worldwide festival. 

So I just come here and say Merry Christmas to all of you.

Besides, Happy New Year!


How to Visit BLOGSPOT in China

Many of users in Mainland China are Google Fans. We love products and service which Google supplies us with. Such as Google search, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Earth, etc.

After Google acquired Blogger, the largest blog platform all over the world, we can own a blogspot account. That’s so great! I’m sure that many bloggers like its service. We write posts there and exchange everything with people from many countries. We have been fond of Blogger, I think.

But then, something happened unexpectedly. The website of Blogger, was blocked in China. Till now, users in Mainland can’t still visit their blogspot site. What a pity!  It means that quite a few visitors can’t read what we post on blogspot. Incredible!

I also use blogspot service. When blogspot blocked, I felt helpless. How can visitors and me visit blogspot directly again? I had no idea.

Last night, I unconsciously found some easy ways to visit blogspot. Some must have known the solution, but still more users don’t know it. I think it’s necessary to share the details with you.

I will show you how to do it below.

  • Visit blogspot with the help of website mirrors                                                                                       We are lucky for we can visit and We can visit our blogspot sites via either of these two websites. It’s so easy to do that. If your blogspot URL is, you just need to type or in your IE address bar. By clicking on the link, you will see the blogspot site immediately. Convenient! Huh? 剪11111辑 剪22222辑
  • Use RSS readers                                                                                                                    You can subscribe to any blogspot you like in your RSS readers. For example, add subscription of blogspot to Google Reader. Paste the blogspot URL and click on Add.                                                                                    Or you can subscribe to the blogspot site by using the link which displays within or  But I think this kind of ways is not very valuable. Since you have entered the blogspot directly in IE browser on a website mirror.

There are some other ways to visit blogspot. But they are inconvenient. So I won’t show them to you here. And if you have any better way or question, please contact me. We all don’t want blogspot to disappear from our sight.                                                                    


Starting on MySpace

Hey, do you know MySpace? Are you using MySpace? I guess many of you must know and be using it.

What is MySpace? MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends’ friends.

Create a community on MySpace and you can share photos, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends!See who knows who, or how you are connected. Find out if you really are six people away from Kevin Bacon.

MySpace is for everyone:

  • Friends who want to talk Online
  • Single people who want to meet other Singles
  • Matchmakers who want to connect their friends with other friends
  • Families who want to keep in touch–map your Family Tree
  • Business people and co-workers interested in networking
  • Classmates and study partners
  • Anyone looking for long lost friends!

MySpace is now popular and still growing up. It’s the largest social network in U.S., according to a report released by a research institution this November.

I heard of MySpace as early as two years ago. Nevertheless, I didn’t use it at that time. On the contrary, I am using Window Live Spaces all the time. Because I thought of Live Suite including Hotmail, Messenger, Spaces better than MySpace. What I needed most is blog service, so I chose Window Live Spaces which was called msn space.

This afternoon, after reading the report, I thought that maybe I should try MySpace. I myspaceimwouldn’t miss any good website or service. I love well-known brands. So I signed up for membership. It’s very good. Its features and contents fascinated me so much. I have been falling love with it. I also downloaded the MySpaceIM, with which we can enjoy some service and not having to do things in IE browser. And this client enables users to call Skype users without installing additional Skype software.

China has a large market for its population and consumption which no multinational enterprise could ingnore. Hence, MySpace provides a Chinese version, Quite a number of Chinese people are using its service. Whereas, I do prefer English version.  


But I am a newer here. I’m not very familiar with its running. If you have been a MySpace user, you can find me on MySpace and be friend. We may exchange the feeling when we use it. I’m also looking forward to posting my feedback here not before long.


Why Not Try Yahoo! Messenger 9

Hey buddy! Why not try Yahoo! Messenger 9.0?

Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta was released on November 30th. But I didn’t download it at that moment.

I have used Yahoo! Messenger for several years. Like what I did in the past, I preferred English version. But I couldn’t do it. Because English version of Yahoo! Messenger 8.1 don’t support E-mail address like As you know, is used widely in China. So I gave it up.While an Chinese version, Yahoo! Messenger 8.3 can be signed in with an id like So I chose this version.

I ever took it for granted that all English versions of Yahoo! Messenger couldn’t support Then when 9.0 Beta came out, I didn’t try it out at once. Last Saturday, I reinstalled the operating system. And I had an idea of downloading the latest version, 9.0 Beta. I did it. I just wanted to see what new features included in this new version. So I didn’t sign in with a id when the new version was installed. I signed in with another id

An hour ago, an odd idea impacted me suddenly. Why not try singing in with my id and see what happened then? That’s a good idea, I think.

I certainly tried it. It displayed Signing in as But to my surprise, this id was successfully on-line. Oh, my God! Version 9.0 has been available for signing in with That’s great!

Let’s have a look at what new features included.

  • A whole new look for your contact list
  • Brand new skins and emotions
  • New Flickr integration in the photo sharing feature
  • A new in-line media player
  • New features for voice calls

You can download it here. Yahoo! Messenger 9 Beta

Be known that, it’s not important that the address you are using is either or No matter which domain you use,  you can enjoy it perfectly. If you are fond of Yahoo! Messenger, why not try this latest version right now?


Live Search Maps – the Chinese Version

This morning I received an alert from . Then                                                             I clicked on the link in this alert. Oh, that’s great! Live Search Maps announced via their blog that a new Chinese version is now available. Users can visit to use this service.

In this version, business search, collections, and public transit features were emphasized, covering over 100 cities with 7 million business listings.

In Chinese market, Products and Services of Microsoft are always released later than they do in other market. We must try other versions before Chinese version is available.

How about this new version? Useful or just so-so? Before knowing this, you can visit the website and begin your search tour. Maybe there are something you need.

And you can also compare this website with Google Maps. Then you will distinguish that which one is better.



Sorry, everyone. I apologize if I am letting you down.

These days, I have been complaining about my situation. I made complaints about my being alone and lonely. I thought no one was concerned about me except the family. I took it for granted that I was fighting by myself. So I always seemed to be unhappy.

But now, I find that I am completely wrong. Because the fact is just the opposite.

Many a friend is concerning about me. Although they don’t always speak it out. Actually, I didn’t know it until yesterday.

It snowed yesterday, the first snow of this year. Looking at the white outside, I felt depressed. There was strong haze in the sky. It made me not able to see everything clear and then depressed me. Just at this moment, my cell phone rang. Some were sending short messages to me.

Some were thinking of me!

In the messages, I was asked about the present progress of my preparation for the Graduate Entrance Examinations. All the words showed their care and kindness. They asked me how I felt, whether I was tired and also about the situation of me. They were encouraging me and told me to COME ON. From these messages, I was deeply moved. I misunderstood your meaning during the past days.

I must say sorry to you.

I’m such a person that always have a bee in my head. I couldn’t help imagine something at times. I know that it’s not helpful. But I can’t just control myself.

So if you hadn’t been in touch with me for a long time, I would think that you were not caring about me any more. That’s funny.

Now I will change my mind. I know you are always missing me. And you are always concerning about my everything. I know that.

I’m sorry for my possibly letting you down. I won’t be.

And I won’t think more. It’s not necessary, she once said that to me.

If you are reading this entry, you must understand my feeling — I hope so.