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Advantages & Disadvantages


Does China’s lunar exploration program have any disadvantage? Tonight someone asked me this question in MSN group.

I said yes. "Absolutely", I told him.  According to Karl Marx’s philosophy, everything has two aspects. So does this program.

This program has advantages and disadvantages. It’s no doubt that we will see the influences in the future. And I also listed some points to him.

Out of question, Chang’e is a beautiful nickname. And Chang’e-1 loads many dreams of Chinese people. In ancient China, there are many fantasies about human flying in the sky. We have been dreaming of making clear that what the moon is on earth for a long time. Now we carry it out. It’s a big success.

It shows our strength of science and technology. At least, China has strong competitive power on space science.

This program delights the government of China. Also the leaders. Nationwide celebration can be seen in the posts of media. Everybody is excited. And the government made high comments on the launch of Chang’e-1.

No wonder a man through VOA said that successfully launching Chang’e-1 made Chinese politician very proud. They thought that it could prove the country under their administration a big and strong country once again. However, China can’t obtain obvious economic return. In fact, if we spent funds and human resource as much as we have spent on this program, we would make bigger and more valuable success.

And this program is mostly for the military use. I couldn’t help associating it with Starwar between US and Soviet Union. No business return and then we would be beaten by ourselves.

As a Chinese citizen, I wish this program would benefit us a lot. And may it bring our Chinese people more boon.

So do you think the decision of our lunar exploration program is correct?

Let’s wait for facts to tell us everything.


Author: jleecute

a native Chinese man who wants to know the world better -------- We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopeless is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.

5 thoughts on “Advantages & Disadvantages

  1. Thank you pretty girls, smallring and Karen. I appreciate your kindly comments. You have honored me with your visiting.
    Welcome to look around here at times!

  2. I am smalllring, you are such a amazing boy! Just like what Karen had said:your English blog fascinates me so much!
    It\’s my great pleasure to meet!

  3. Huh, you are making me ashamed.I admit that I love English and I\’m not good at it. I also admit that you represented English words better than me. Your words are full of grace and beauty.You are kidding me, aren\’t you?Like what I said before, I just think of a language as a tool that we use to feel hearts of each other. I meant to learn and use it well. But indeed I couldn\’t finish it.So I just publish some of my heart here. I try to let people understand what I say, inspite my broken English. And I feel very nice to see you coming in.

  4. hi,you seem to have a unique perspective, and i really curious about your mind.
    don\’t feel stressed, i just want to know how do you horn your English skill so well.
    looking forward your reply.

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