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Windows Live Messenger 9

wlm 9

Good news! Microsoft has invited users to participate in Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta test. Go to for the details. Check your e-mail inbox. If you received the invitation letter, paste the invitation code in Microsoft Connect and take part in the beta test. Then download the setup file.

Maybe you don’t receive the invitation. Don’t worry. You can still try this latest version. You can paste the URL below in your download tool to download the setup file of Windows Live Messenger Live 9.0 Beta. Don’t open it directly in IE browser.,0,0,30

If you own more than one Live ID, install the patch to try multi-login. This patch is mainly for Chinese users, so the interface language while installing is Chinese.

multi-login patch

There are some new features in this version. You must love it!


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China’s First Picture of the Moon Captured by Chang’e-1

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao unveiled the moon image captured by China’s lunar orbiter Chang’e-1 during an unveiling ceremony at the Beijing Aerospace Control Center in Beijing, Nov. 26, 2007. China published the first picture of the moon captured by Chang’e-1 on Monday morning, marking the success of the country’s first lunar probe project.

At the beginning of this month, I wrote an entry to comment on this lunar exploration program. Click here to read that entry — Advantages & Disadvantages. I believe that advantages and disadvantages will take on as time passes by.

Let’s wait for more surprises that Chang’e-1 will bring to the world.


Mourning for Grandma

On Thanksgiving Day, I have no plan to celebrate it. No turkeys, no pies. I just wanna thank Grandma. Thank Grandma for everything she did for me in the past twenty-one years. But when I was capable to do something for her, she chose to leave us unexpectedly. Beyond my expectation, she was gone. She could have lived with us for several more years. She could survive.

I always think that Grandma would live healthily. At least she could live 90 years. She had worked hard during most of her life. For many years, she just led a simple life. But we couldn’t hear any complaint. She hadn’t enjoyed family relationships enough. Then she was passed away.

What life is, what sorrow is. If possible, I hope I had left the world instead of Grandma.

I can’t give Grandma a luxury life, but I can let her happy. I can let her feel that we are with her together. And I can also give her mental support. Some on the earth are concerned about her life. So Grandma, why don’t you give me a chance to live with you and take care of you one more time?

Today is the first anniversary of Grandma’s death. Grandma has been away from us for twelve whole months. Within these months, I often dream of Grandma at night. I dream of Grandma talking to me. I dream of Grandma smiling to me. But when I wake up, I can’t see Grandma. I realize that Grandma has left us.

Till now, I don’t know the reason why Grandma left us. I know few of the details. Maybe Dad didn’t tell me a lot about it because they didn’t want me to be so sad. They just told me that they had do their best. Now all these details have no meanings. I won’t run for the details. I just hope Grandma left us quietly and painlessly.

Grandma didn’t leave me many real things for memorizing. What I cherish here is only a blurred picture captured by a web camera two years ago. In the picture, Grandma smiles happily.

I’m not sure of the existence of heaven. If heaven does exist, I hope Grandma enjoyed herself there. And there could be flowers in full bloom. Living with flowers as companions, Grandma must be happy.

Grandma, I miss you!

Tonight, I wanna cry.


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Two-day busyness makes me too tired to rest well. I worked hard hours for a little idea. But a problem happened at the very beginning. It took me so many hours to solve this problem. What a pity!

I have dreamed of an English version of Windows for a long time. But my own XP is of Chinese version because my Dell notebook was bought in Mainland China. And buying an extra English version of Windows is too expensive for me. So I shelved this plan.

Three days ago, I downloaded a legal copy of English version from a forum. I moved this copy to my removable hard disk and prepared to reinstall the operating system. Suddenly, there was something wrong with my removable hard disk. I couldn’t see the partition in My Computer. My God! It scared me! I stored more than 30G  of important files and data in it. What could I do?

So the first thing was not to reinstall system but to recover these files. I searched for the help documents and helpful softwares. I knew little about disk recovery before this time, i.e. I spent too much time in finding some solutions. It took me one night and afternoon to do it. At last I knew the problem was the destroyed partition table. Then I found a software called FinalData. Using this, I found all the files were still stored in the disk. That’s great! Now I could save these files in another hard disk and format the disk.

After formatting the disk, the partition could be seen again. Cool! Then I began to reinstall the operating system. It was completed in an hour. The interface of this version looked very good. Now you see the running XP Professional? It moves faster than my previous version — a Chinese version of Dell OEM Windows XP Home Edition.

XP Professional 2007

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Attention, please.

I have changed my live space which is mainly written in Chinese from Mind of Jesse to 弢光养晦. I hope you all like that new space.

That new space which is called 弢光养晦 has been being written in Chinese.

That is, I have two spaces now.

  • Chinese version, i.e. 弢光养晦
  • English version, i.e. here

Anyone who ever saved my space web address please update the URL in your favourite.

弢光养晦 -- click here to visit my new space written in Chinese


The Coming Birthday

I’m getting one year older. I wouldn’t like to be, but I have to be.

I still remember that at this time of last year, I wrote a entry When Birthday Is Coming. I showed everyone my being confused and unhappy. In order to avoid boring repeat, I title this entry The Coming Birthday. However, this entry is still about my confusion and unhappiness.

It’s a real picture of my current situation. So if you say happy birthday to me, I will appreciate it. But I don’t care. In fact, few people know my exact birthday date. Most of past years, I got through my birthday peacefully. So I will this year, maybe.

When I was at home, celebration of birthday was not regarded enough in my family. It seemed that family wasn’t used to celebrate one’s birthday ceremoniously. At that time, I just ate two eggs which Mum cooked for me on my birthday. No cakes.

Then far away from home. I tried to celebrate my birthday every year. I had tried. But the fact was I still did anything special on that day. People around me seldom knew my birthday and I found celebrating a birthday was too expensive, i.e., it’s unnecessary to celebrate the birthday. So my birthday looked like other ordinary days. At most, I wrote some articles to commemorate it.

This birthday is my last birthday at university. But till now I haven’t planned to hype it up. It seems to be peaceful again. I choose to put a picture of birthday cake here.

Comparing to the birthday, I pay more attention to my future. What is my career plan? And what is the direction of my life?

Where am I going?

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Good news here! On November 7th, Microfost opened Windows Live ID sign-up to global users. In China, anyone can sign up or now. Before this date, users in China zh-cn market could only sign up Live ID

I have dreamed of for a long time. I tried many times in many ways, even used a US IP proxy. But I failed. That’s because I live in China and was not available in China before November 7th. I nearly asked a friend living in America to sign up a ID for me. Now I can get successfully. That’s great!

However, for users, Skydrive is still not available in Chinese market.