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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.



   I don’t like dry and hot weather in Beijing, so I determined to go home. I wished home would give me some coolness. But now I find that here is much hotter than Beijing. My body is completely wet all day. I don’t know how many times I shower in a day.
   Fortunately, I can turn on the air-conditioner at any time. And there are many soft drinks frozen in the fridge. Otherwise I would hide myself in the swimming pool.
   If only it would rain tomorrow.

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Another Beginning

   Today is still very dry and hot. But no thundershower like yesterday afternoon. Like Beijing’s oppressive weather, I don’t feel so good these days. Insomnia has taken my appetite away. I’m too tired.
   This afternoon I took the last examination, Financial Analysis. I didn’t answer the questions very well, I think. I couldn’t find the changes and trends from the given financial statements, to say nothing of reasons behind. Could I pass it? I’m not sure.
   Fortunately, this semester is over. Now at last I
could have a nice sleep. Nobody could imagine the pain that I slept for only four hours during the past two days. May it not happen again.
   But I know I couldn’t rest too much. Tomorrow I will start to have the self-learning lesson for my preparation for Graduate Candidate Test. It’s another beginning in my life. Parents and friends expect much of me at this point. Our of question, it’s a big challenge. So I must try my best for this brand-new beginning.
   I will work hard. And I always thirst for your being there and encouragement from the deep heart.
   You will be by my side, won’t you? 

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NBA Draft 2007

   It’s unexpected that two Chinese players succeeded in landing at NBA.
   Yi Jianlian was selected by Bucks, and Sun Yue by Lakers. They are both very young and surely have the potential to be better. They will be the best teammates of Yao in Beijing 2008 Olimpic Games. At present they lack most in experience and consciousness. They need to surpass themselves.
   I’m not optimistic about their prospect of next season. They will have much trouble in adjustment of palying basketball in America and NBA.
   So good luck, my Chinese guys!
  图文:[NBA]2007年选秀 易建联与大卫-斯特恩                                                                           被列为“沉睡者”行列 孙悦将缺席NBA选秀大会