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Too Busy to Relax

Another sleepless night again! 
It’s 4:00 AM now. The sunrise will be coming up soon. But I am still reviewing my books for the following examinations.
I want to relax. But I’m busy.
This term will end up in mid-July. So the remainder of this month is the most important. I need to get prepared for the examinations. Because scores are important, too! That’s the nature of China’s education, absolutely.
As a result, I couldn’t surf on the Internet fequently. And updating blogs like before seems impossible.
May the days pass quickly.

Advanced Accounting
Taxation Accounting
Accounting for Government and Nonprofit Entities
Financial Analysis
Computer Auditing
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thoughts of "Three Represents"

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   What is NCEEs?
   NCEEs stands for National College Entrance Exams. The college entrance exams have long been regarded as the factor determining a student’s future. No wonder it touches a nerve with everyone involved.
   Examination season has been coming up in China!
   This year, a record 10.1 million students have applied to take the exam, but only 5.67 million will be able to enter colleges. 10.1 million people can compose a country! That is to say, competition among students is still very cruel.
    In 1977, National College Entrance Exams were restored after the 10-year Cultural Revolution. The entrance exam — commonly known as "gaokao" in Chinese — is credited as the backbone of China’s remarkable reform-era growth in the 30 years since it was restored. Although many criticize that it encourages rote learning and puts too much pressure on overburdened adolescents.
    But what can government do? Till now, we can’t find a better exam system to determine who enters college and who can’t. In such an unfair society, the "gaokao" system is the best choice for everyone, especially those who need a profound turning point in their life.
    For students form poor families, "gaokao" is their best chance to climb the social ladder in an increasingly stratified country with widening rich-poor and urban-rural gaps. They are told to study hard and getting into a university is the way out. But that way out is only for the lucky few. Many of young generation have to earn their own living after graduating from middle school. They continue poor and dull life like their parents.
    Unfortunately, they have no better choice.
    I still remember the days three years ago when I took the exams. Cold sweat, shaky hands, sleepless nights… I contributed my whole body to the preparation of exams in June, with my heart and soul. I burdened too much pains and pressure. My bright future was completely relied on those two days — June 7th & 8th.
   It’s not bad that I succeeded at last.
   Now I’m learning accounting in one of the most famous universities in China. I know clear that I’m the lucky one. Every time when I want to slack off, I tell myself that truth. So I work hard.
   Bless for students trapped in the exams and their parents. Best wishes for you.

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Like a Child

    Chinese people like festivals very much. Today is Children’s Day. However, it involves everyone, not only children and their parents. People even send short messages by saying Happy Children’s Day to each other. And they think that’s funny. Although knowing that they are not children any more, they still want to talk about this. They just want to be like a child.
    So how old are you?
    I’m nearly twenty-two years old. My childhood has left me long before. Never back again. What I can do at present is trying to remember more stories. My childhood was not free or happy. Parents kept a strict hand over me. Luxurious life, freewheeling play, etc., those what other children easily owned were never close to me. Every day a vesture of study accompanied me. I didn’t have much time to enjoy my childlike innocence. That’s simply torture. I learned much, while suffering much. Without a feeling of happiness, I appreciate those days all the same.
    Growing up day by day, I still yearn for that period, a light-hearted period. Unfortunately, I can’t reverse the time.
    Human beings sometimes are very silly. They forget the fact that time has to move forward.
    When someone is a child, he wants to be an adult. But when someone is already an adult, he misses his childhood very much. These two wishes can’t come true. Then regrets linger in his whole life. How miserable it is!
    Now I have a lot of free time of my own. Parents also give me more self-determination. But I couldn’t go back to those years. Everything is changing. I’m aware that I couldn’t be like a child any more. Even if one minute.
    Those childish memories often recur to me, whereas I could do nothing. I remind of myself ceaselessly that: Like a child, it’s my lifetime dream.
    Anyway, Happy Children’s Day to my little friends.