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I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.

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Driving Licence

   If you stand beside a car, what will you do? Jump in the car and start the engine?
   That is the common idea. Neither will I.
   If only I had the driving licence. This is my idea.
   Seeing more and more peers have driving licences, I could help dreaming about it. Even I have envied them.
   At present, I could do nothing except grasping the key and sighing continuously.
   I am an adult, but I don’t own things that almost each adult owns.
   I wish that day would come earlier.


Happy Days

   Hey, everyone, Happy New Year!
   Maybe you think I make a mistake, because it’s February now. Actually today is the Spring Festival. Never heard of that? Yes, it’s Chinese new year in lunar calendar. On TV, many NBA stars said to Chinese audience "Happy Chinese New Year".
   The Spring Festival is the most important Chinese orginal festival. It makes more sense than the New Year’s day in solar calendar in China. Perhaps we can call it the Big Day. When the Spring Festival comes, the nation have the longest, a seven-day leave. The royal celebration extends all over the country. Some specail nouns relate to it. Such as couplet, firecracker and rice cake.
   Relatives and friends visit each other, too. We call this 拜年-pay a New Year call.
   But I find that people’s enthusiasm for the Spring Festival is not strong like before. I was not very excited when this Spring Festival came. I don’t know why.
   I wish it would go faster.
   Anyway, it is still one of the traditional festivals we own. Cheers!

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Half of the winter holiday elapsed.
Half of the year of being a junior elapsed.
I did nothing meaningful in the half.
Now the rest is the other half.
Many halves passed, whereas many halves remain.
Shall I be delighted or depressed?
I have no idea.
Anyway, let’s cherish the remaining half.
Tomorrow is not always another day.
And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.
So, have a nice day, lovers.
Except me.