In This Life

I've been to paradise, but I've never been to me.


Bless for Grandma

Two months ago, Grandma died from suicide.
But this month, even when I went home, I was told about her death.
WHY, WHY, WHY? I asked myself continuously.
It should not happen.
I have no idea that why Grandma chose to end her 83-year-old life.
She could have survived.
She was healthy all the time. The whole family, we all wish her long, long life.
The saddest thing is that I didn’t know her death until the winter holiday began.
I can’t say to Grandma any more. No conversations, no laughter, no happy time.
What I can do is just memorizing the good days when we stayed together.
All of these leave me sadness.
I wanna make Grandma know I am suffering from her parting with me quietly.
I miss you, Grandma.
I couldn’t see you the last view. It’s the most regretful thing ever since I was born.
If the heaven really exists, I will hope that you enjoy yourself there every day.
Bless you everywhere and everywhen.

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It’s Over

   Thank goodness! It’s over. Those damned examination days have gone to die. I am back now.
   And I am back to normal. Without all-night learning any more. That’s exciting.
   These two weeks I feared the test results night and day. I was anxious about those tests. Now that these examinations are over, I could have a rest.
   I’m too tired.
   The final of this term is the worst among those of three years in BNU. I am even worried sick about the points. Maybe I will have a few fails.
   Several hours ago, I sent some E-mails to my teachers who may fail me in some tests. I begged for their mercy and more points. I hate to join the makeup next term.
   May I be successful? I don’t know.
   Give me some help please.


The Following Final Examinations

Oh, my God! More than four months have past. Now it’s the end of this term. How time flies!

   Quietly, the year of 2007 came. Then followed by the final examinations. It claims that my happy days have ended. From now on, I must spend every seconds reviewing my courses.
   I have no better choice.
   I love NBA games. But now I have to say goodbye to T-Mac, Kobe and Iverson for a while.
   I like surfing on the Internet. But now I have to say goodbye to the MSN community and Windows Live Spaces provisionally.
   I have to say goodbye to things that waste my study time. What a pity!
   I am suffering now.
   The examinations will last till next Thursday. Then the winter holiday will begin. I can back to normal state by then.
   I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends. I miss you very much.
   It’s time to prepare for tomorrow’s damned examination. Go!