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To r.k.zayara

From the statistics, I saw that you put the link of my Space in the list of your Space. Thank you for your appreciation.Now what I desire most is that you could see these words.

It’s funny. I visited your Space this summer holiday by accident. And strange feelings came into being. One seeing the title of the website, I found that this Space was different from most of others. So was the master of it. That’s a complex mood. It’s at night. But my heart couldn’t be quiet any more. I dare to say that your Space is the best page what I have ever seen. Colour, words, pictures, thoughts, etc. They all attracted me very much. For some reasons, I just remained a few holiday words.

To my surprise, you replied. And not few words. Obviously, you read my blog seriously. Although you didn’t understand Chinese, you concentrated on all of the articles which were written in English. You gave me kindly and true comments. And you praised me. It’s the first time that someone has considered my composition in my Space perfect. I know that all of your words are not perfunctory. By contraries, they tell us your heart perfectly. I was moved at that time.

We come from different countries and don’t know each other. I don’t know what you are, either. Differences in culture and languages too. However, it couldn’t keep us from appreciating mind of the other’s. So I continued to visit your Space after that day. One day I found that your Space was changed. Guests couldn’t leave a word in your blog. The function of comment was canceled. What a pity! I never thought that would happen. But that’s true. At present we could only read your heart in silence.

Since in the Internet, maybe you have forgotten me and my Space. But I remember you and your Space all along. As you said, I come to your Space and read what I could. Out of question, your articles are worth reading. Though I can’t catch all meanings, I still get grace, beauty, kindness and sincerity. I like your style. Maybe our personalities clicked. Some may think me a bit insane. But I am eager to rap off with you.

Something may happened to you. Even you changed the data and time format. Anyway, people need the rights to put their comments in one’s Space. And you need praise too, like me. Haha, I am joking.

Best wishes for you. And have a nice day.


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The Days

So many festivals nowadays.

Five days ago it was National Day. And today is Mid-Autumn Day. The former is statutory, while the latter not. So we have a three-day holiday when National Day comes. And in order to advance the development of economy, the Golden Week became true several years ago. Fortunately, the Mid-Autumn Day is in this week. Then we have two festivals.

Suddenly, it seems that there are a lot of festivals in mainland China. Chinese, foreign; modern, ancient; and so on. Just like loving food and drink, Chinese people are always busy with many kinds of festivals. Especially with the traditional. However, it makes no sense to me today. I eat few mooncakes this week. I don’t like it. I have no good feeling of some traditional Chinese festivals. Maybe you consider me as a person who worship foreign things and fawn on foreign powers. I don’t know how to retort upon you. Anyway, I don’t care.

Staying at home for too long time is a boring thing. You have no idea to do anything. You could do daydreaming instead. Just live a simple life that pigs live too. There are many differences between home and campus. In fact, I find myself not used to staying at home. Despite the delicious food. Now I am counting the rest days before I leave for school. 7,6,5,4,…

It’s too terrible. I’m just away from the school for a few days. But now I can’t remember many things. Thinking is out of control. I looks like a mute person because I couldn’t show you what my mood is. My hot head makes you see hundreds of meaningless words lie here.

Writing can hurt you at last. I won’t let my heart control my head, like Celine singing.